Make a Jeopardy Game

In this article you will find a short tutorial about how to make a jeopardy game especially how to make a jeopardy game online

Playing jeopardy games is one of the things that is quite fun to do. In addition to fun things that can also increase your knowledge. But, have you ever thought about how to make your own jeopardy game. Don’t imagine that making your own version of the jeopardy game is complicated and difficult. With current technological developments making jeopardy games are not complicated and difficult. You only need at least about 10-20 minutes to make a jeopardy game

Maybe you previously thought that to make jeopardy games you should use Microsoft Power Point. Some people might think making jeopardy games with Microsoft Power Point requires a lot of steps. So maybe some of you think, is there any simpler and more concise way to make a jeopardy game ?. All you have to do is fill in the title, question and answer form and after that it’s finished. If you are one of those people who think that way, you are not mistaken about reading this article, so continue reading this article to the end

To make a jeopardy game in a simple and uncomplicated way, the steps you need to do are:
1) Open the main page of
2) Click on the “make a game” button
3) Enter the password used to edit your game, along with the password confirmation
4) Click on the “create game” button
5) Once you click on the “create game” button, you will find a form that is used to fill your jeopardy game. All you have to do is fill in the game title, category name, question and answer. If needed you can also change the point value of each question. Tip: to move between form items you can use the tab key on the keyboard
6) If you feel you have finished filling the required fields (the columns do not need to be filled in all, adjust to your needs) click the checkbox on the “I’m not a robot” captcha button
7) To save all your questions and make your version of the game, click on the “save and build” button

What do you think, is it quite user friendly and simple :)? If you do not intend or do not have ideas about your own questions and answers, you can see the template that was created here

One more thing that we want to tell you, you can make your own jeopardy game online for free, as much as you want and need. Maybe if you are interested / need additional features, you only need to register as a member (one time payment)

So , now you should be able to make a jeopardy game :). Enjoy the game!!