Planning Phase Movement Actions On Customs and Courtesies Wear of the Uniform
What is one thing that occurs during the "take charge moment"?
Assign TLs, Establish secuity (9-3 by way of 12, 9-3 by way of 6), start putting on camoflauge, top off H2O, have TLs prepare a list of names for special teams that are uniform to most missions.
What is the name of the movement technique used when enemy contact is unlikely, teams are close together, and speed is essential?
What is the term used for how the support element moves through the objective?
Range Walk
What is the name of the Army regulation covers Salutes, honors and visits of courtesy?
AR 600-25
What is the maximum number of rings that can be worn in uniform?
What is the name of the person who plots points and sets up the terrain model once the OPORD briefing is complete (SQD STX)?
What is the movement formation that has the following characterstics: good control and all-around security?
Squad Column
What is shift fire?
The support element will turn their rifles to a certain degree designated by the SL (to the left or right - opposite side of Assault element)
What is one time when you salute inside a building?
a. When reporting to your commander
b. When reporting to a pay officer
c. When reporting to a military board
d. At an indoor ceremony
What is the location of the ROTC insignia and torch of knowledge on the ASU jacket?
Centered on both collars of the coat, parallel to the inside edge of each collar with the outside edge of the insignia 1 inch above the notch of the label (Class A uniform)
What is the time you should give your OPORD (H+__) time?
What is the movement technique you should use when conducting a movement to contact?
Bounding Overwatch
What is lift fire?
To move fire from one level of a building up.
What is the number of gun-salute a President or Former President of the U.S. arrives and leaves an army installation?
21 gun salute, both times
What is location of the nameplate on the ASU jacket for males?
The nameplate will be worn on the flap of the right breast pocket, centered between the top of the button and the top of the pocket on the Army Green, 415 shirt. The nameplate will be worn centered on the black patch of the black pullover sweater when not
What is the name of the first rehearsal the SL should conduct for STX?
Actions on the Objective
What is the name of the point you establish in which all movement to and from the objective funnels through?
Release Point
What is the term used for how you move to the objective?
Bounding (left side of squad.. the right side of squad.. vise versa)
What is the official song of the U.S. Army?
“The Army Goes Rolling Along”
What is the name of one society in which ribbons and shoulder cords authorized for membership, citation, or special recognition (subject to approval of the Bn Cdr)
(1) The National Society of Scabbard and Blade.
(2) The National Society of Pershing Rifles.
(3) The Association of the United States Army (AUSA).
What is it called when you verify the compass and pace man's compass, check the claymore's functionality, etc and who normally does this?
Pre Combat Inspection, an Officer
What is the group of individuals that you should take on the Leader's recon for an Ambush?
SL, Support TL, S&O, Left and Right Security (if compass and pace.. justify)
What is the name of the special team used specifically in a Squad Ambush?
What is the only time that you do not remove your headgear when reporting to an officer indoors?
When under arms
What is the number of foreign badges that you can wear on the ASU uniform at one time?

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