Types of Energy Waves and Energy How Electric Currents Flow Electric Circuits Extra Questions
What two energies make up mechanical energy?
Kinetic and Potential energy
A medium
What is the liquid, solid, or gas through which a wave can travel though?
The rate of flow of electric charges.
What is an electric current?
A complete, closed path which a electric charges can flow.
What is an electric circuit
Crests and Troughs
What is the lower and the topper parts of a wave called?
Sound energy
What is the type of energy due to the result of vibrations in particles?
1. Mechanical
2. Electromagnetic
1.What wave requires a medium?
2.Which wave doesn't require a medium?
1. Direct current
2. Alternating current
What are the two types of currents?
1.battery, solar cell, or wall outlets
2.copper, wires, or any other metals
3.light bulbs, radios, computers, or electric motors
Answer 2 or more. What is one example of an energy source, electrical conduct, or a load?
The heat goes up
In what direction does the heat in a metal rod go?
Thermal and Heat energy
What is the type of energy that lets of heat and warmth to other items?
1.Longitudinal wave
2.Transverse wave
1.Which wave's particles move back and forth?
2.Which wave's particles moves perpendicular to the direction the wave travels?
1. Nickel
2. Copper
Between nickel and copper, which of the metallic items has a higher resistance. Which has the lower resistance?
They are all the same
Are the loads in a series circuit all the same or all different?
Battery Pack, Portable Car Jump Starter, Rechargeable Flashlight, Portable Generator, and Handheld Radio
What are at least 2-5 items that don't require batteries that aren't daily home items?
States that energy cannot be created or destroyed.
What is law of conservation of energy?
1. Amplitude
2. Wavelength
1.Which wave's particles vibrate up and down?
2. Which wave's particles move back and forth?
Flow of the current
The higher the pressure on voltage, the higher the___?
side by side
Are the loads in a parallel circuit connected side by side or connected away from each other?
1. Its atoms vibrate less, and so they impede the flow of electrons less.
2. They have a higher resistance because it has better resistance towards heat also.
1 or 2? Choose one question
1. Why is the resistance lower in copper?
2. Why is the resistance higher in Nickel and Chromium alloy?
Electrical and Mechanical energy
What are the two energies that transform from one to another in a hydroelectric system?
Gamma ray.
Infrared ray.
UV ray.
Visible light.
Radio waves.
What is 3 or more examples of what an electromagnetic wave?
It is a measure of the electric potential energy per unit charge.
Why is voltage sometimes called electric potential?
They stop the current at a certain point, so the circuit doesn't melt to much.
What do fuses and circuit breakers do?
If a person is running at 5.35m per second, how many meters would they run in 32.2 seconds? You may use a pencil and paper to figure this out.

Unit 8: Science Review

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