Translational Design and Capacity-Building Translational Design Participants Why Translational Design?
What is Capacity-Building (Phase III of TD)?
Creating scaffolding for organizations and systems to support and strengthen newly developed solutions through coaching, consultation and training.
What is a context expert?
A person with lived/living experience that participates in the Translational Design process.
What is 17 years?
The time it takes academic research and clinical trials to reach practice.
What is Shared Understanding (Phase I of TD)?
Uses a shared and strategic learning approach to engage different stakeholders in developing a shared understanding of the identified problem.
What are systems?
Child Welfare, Housing, and Mental and Behavioral Health.
What is Brain Science and Human Development?
Our understanding of this has increased dramatically over the past 20 years.
What is Co-Creation (Phase II of TD)?
An inclusive, iterative process to develop, test and learn from co-created prototypes that align with the best available evidence and evaluated for impact, alignment and sustainability
What is our audience?
Innovators and Early Adopters.
What is stress?
Families are overloaded with this that impacts their ability to care for their children.
What is Translational Design?
It brings together evidence with content experts (professionals) and context experts (individuals and families with lived experience) from across systems to develop a shared understanding, co-create solutions, and implement prototypes that draw on insights from the best available evidence.
What are content experts?
Professionals who have extensive experience and understanding of a population, program and/or system.
What are our guiding principles?
Safety, Transparency, Collaboration, Empowerment, Race Equity, Learning, Science informed, Sustainable, and Responsive.
What are Human-Centered Design, Implementation Science and Common Elements Approach?
The three disciplines that Translational Design draws from.
What is our team?
Designers, Collaborative Consultants, Facilitators, and Coaches.
What is Capacity-Building?
We assess feasibility of implementation and measure impact on families as well as on programs and systems.

Translational Design

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