Percents Expressions Integers Unit Rate Mystery
What is 39%
An item on the sale rack at a local supermarket was marked $3.42. The original price of the item was $4.75.
What was the percent of the discount?
What is 12d=f
Tamir gets paid $12 for every day he feeds and walks his neighbor's dog. Write an equation that would represent the
relationship between the amount of money Tamir gets paid and the number of days he takes care of the dog.
Use f to represent the total amount of money and d to represent the number of days.
What is
0 to 4
4 to -2
Draw a number line that represents 4 + -6?
What is 210 mini muffins
Michelle bakes 126 mini muffins in 3 hours. At this rate, how many mini muffins could she bake in 5 hours?
What is 1/2
On a game show, a contestant randomly chooses an envelope and wins the prize that is written inside. There are 3 envelopes containing a car, 5 envelopes containing a vacation, and 2 envelopes containing electronics.
What is the probability that a contestant picks a vacation?
What is $16.52
Melissa is buying a sweater. The original cost of the sweater is $18.00.
The sweater is 15% off, and sales tax is 8%.
How much will the sweater cost?
What is 21cm
A rectangle has a length of 5cm and a width of 2cm. The rectangle will be enlarged by a scale factor
of 1.5.
What will be the perimeter of the enlarged rectangle?
What is 11 and -5
Cierra is playing a game on a number line. Her game piece is on the number 3. She picks a card that says “move 8 spaces.” What numbers could she land on?
What is $0.52
What is the unit price of a granola bar if 8 granola bars cost $4.16?
What is Number of books
Karen gets 3 books from her book club for $12. She creates a graph to show the relationship between the number of books and the total cost of the books. Points on the graph include (0,0), (1, 4), (2, 8), and (3, 12). What does the x value represent?
What is 99
Of the 220 tickets available for a school play, 45% have been sold. What is the number of tickets that have sold?
What is x is less than or equal to 350
With his phone/data plan, Matthew gets 350 free minutes each month to talk on his phone.
What inequality represents the number of minutes, x, that he can talk for free each month?
What is -15 degrees
Write an integer in the space provided to describe 15°F below 0°F.
What is (1,4)
Points on the graph include (0,0), (1, 4), (2, 8), and (3, 12). What point represents a unit rate?
What is Cost of the books
Karen gets 3 books from her book club for $12. She creates a graph to show the relationship between the number of books and the total cost of the books. Points on the graph include (0,0), (1, 4), (2, 8), and (3, 12). What does the y value represent?
What is 0.2x
Nancy is buying a new pair of boots. The store is having a sale and all boots are 20% off. Write an expression that can represent the sale price of the boots where x is the original price of the boots.
What is Dot is on 1 (not filled in)
Shade the number line in the negative direction.
Draw a number line that represents the inequality
4x-10 < -6.
What is $193.75
Jim works 34 hours and earns $9.25 per hour. He spends $120.75 on a skateboard.
How much does Jim have left from his earnings after buying his skateboard?
What is About 2 lawns
Jackson mows 1/3 of his neighbor’s lawn in 1/6 of an hour. At this rate, how many lawns of the same size could he mow in one hour?
What is 3.79%
Ms. Allen filled a glass jar with marbles. Students guessed the number of marbles in the jar.
Jen guessed there were 127 marbles in the jar. The jar contained 132 marbles.
To the nearest tenth of a percent, what is the percentage of error for Jen’s guess?
What is 1/3
Kelsey wants to compare the number of blouses that she owns of various colors. She owns a total of 30 blouses. 20% of them are blue. Five of them are red. 3/10 of them are white. The rest are either pink, purple, or green. What simplified fraction would correctly represent the portion of the blouses that are either pink, purple, or green? Write your answer in the box below.
Instruction: Write your fraction like this a/b (without space)
What is36+12
(9 + 3) + (9 + 3) + (9 + 3) + (9 + 3
Write an expression that is equivalent to 4(9 + 3)?
What is Each sandwich costs about $5, so 14 sandwiches cost about $70,
so Sophie is right
Ezra and Sophie are planning a picnic for a group of friends.
They have $100 to spend.
They will buy one large salad for $28.50.
They will also buy some sandwiches for $4.85 each.
Ezra thinks they can buy at least 20 sandwiches, but Sophie thinks they can buy no more than 14 sandwiches.
Who is correct?
What is 1 1/4
A recipe for 1 pumpkin pie calls for 1 1/4 cups of sugar. Alaina has only 1/2 cup of sugar and she needs to make 4 pumpkin pies.
How much more sugar will Alaina need to make all 4 pies?
What is about 1.11 hours
Jerry is mowing his lawn. It takes him 1/6 of an hour to mow 3/20 of his yard.
How much time will it take him to mow the entire yard?

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