Context of Analysis Key Concepts
What is Political Context of Analysis?
This analysis determines who has the power and influence within an issue.
What is Canada's pharmaceutical drugs regulator?
Pharmaceutical Drugs Directorate (formerly known as TPD).
What is an example of Pharmaceutical industry's power over Health Canada?
Even when Health Canada implemented a regulation, which allowed the suspension of Adderall in 2005, the manufacturer, Shire BioChem Inc., asked for a new & independent committee to reassess the data, and 4 months later, the drug was back on the market.
What is the Food and Drugs Act's current legislation on problem drug recalls?
Health Canada CANNOT order but only NEGOTIATE with manufacturers for a drug recall.
What is the disadvantages of user fees?
Faster drug approvals, more safety warnings.
What is Client Pluralism?
A concept that refers to the principle that different clients, or stakeholders, should be given equal weight when making decisions.

Therapeutic Products Directorate

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