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What is the edge method
D- Demonstrate
What knot, no matter how hard you pull, can be undone easily?
What is a square knot
How do you care for a simple cut/scrape?
Wash out cut/scrape with soap and watch
cover with bandaid if needed
How do you care for a venomous snake bite?
Call 911
remove any jewelry in the area that could cut into the skin if swelling occurs
lie in the recovery position to help stop the venom from going through your body.
What is the buddy system?
Is when two people go somewhere together to prevent getting lost
What are three popular poisonous plants?
Poison ivy
Poison oak
Poison sumac
What is a binding knot or hitch knot that consists of an overhand knot tied around a post, followed by a half-hitch?
What is two half hitches
How do you care for blisters?
Cover the blister with moleskin
and keep clean/uninfected
How do you care for a nosebleed
Wipe off blood from the nose
put a piece of tissue under lip right under vein under the nose
This will stop the bleeding
When can the buddy system be used?
Can be used when going to the bathroom at a campout, hikes, doing camp chores, and other scouting activity
What are first aid must-haves?
Bandages (different sizes)
Cleaning wipes
What is an adjustable loop knot for use on lines under tension?
What is an adjustable loop knot for use on lines under tension?
How do you care for First-degree burns?
cool using lukewarm water on the burned area.
Apply a nonstick bandage
Do not apply any cream or dressing
If needed give pain medicine
How do you care for frostbite?
check for hypothermia call 911 if suspected
prevent more frostbite by wrapping up thawed frostbite
Get out of the cold into a warm area
Slowly re-warm frostbite (if warmed too quickly it may cause shock)
drink warm liquids
What is the STOP method?
S-Stop and try to calm down
T- Think about how you got there
O- Observe your area and try to find familiar landmarks
P- plan your next step
Why is service work important?
Service work is important because it allows us to help others who can't do certain things
It can also help our community
What is a square knot used for?
Used to secure a rope or line around an object
How do you care for Insect bites/stings?
If allergic use an Epipen and call the doctor
remove the stinger from the area (for stings)
Clean area with soap and water
Ice the area if needed
How do you care for a sunburn?
Cool sunburn to reduce pain
apply an aloe moisturizer to help smooth the dry skin
Drink lots of water
cover up the area with long clothing
Why should you have a buddy while hiking?
If one of you got hurt the other could get help
You can help carry more items
You have someone who can help with problems like first aid and safety
Why should a knife be kept sharp?
It is important for a knife to be sharp because a dull knife is more likely to slip and hurt you.
What is a two-half-hitch knot used for?
Can be used as a pulley stopper
How do you care for tick bites?
Remove the tick with tweezers grasping as close to the skin as possible (do not leave the head of the tick in skin)
Soak tick in rubbing alcohol to kill and keep tick if possible to show to doctor if symptoms occur.
Wash area with soap and water
How to care for choking?
For mild encourage them to cough
For severe call 911
Then preform the heimlich precesure
Why is it best to hike at day?
It is best to hike at day because you can see better and you are safer from animals and others

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