What is by description, composition,manner of presentation, degree of manufacture, function/use
Classification of goods in the HS
What is GRI rule for classification of incomplete or unfinished goods
unassembled or disassembled articles
GRI 2(a)
What is facilitate new inventions on the world market
Applicability of GRI4
What is GRI, terms of headings,legal notes
Legal principles of the HS
What is GRI4
Least used GRI
What is description, character, purpose or intended use,
Factors which determine kinship
What is establish the scope and limits of certain headings, chapter and sections, or define or give classification guidance to certain terms or expressions
Purpose of the legal Notes
What is unassembled never fitted together
Diassembled has been fitted together but taken apart eg. for shipping purposes- ease of tranportation
Difference between unassembled and disassembled
What is classification is guided by the heading which provides the most specific description shall be preferred to headings providing a more general description;goods are prima facie classifiable under two or more headings
Application of GRI3 (a)
What is goods cannot be classfiied in accordance to rules 1-3 shall be classified under the heading appropriate to the goods to which they are most akin
Principle for classication as per GRI4
What is GR1
Classiification is determined according to the terms of the heading and any relative section or chapter notes
What is as presented, it/the item/goods/article has the essential character( main feature) of the complete or finished articles
not excluded by notes or terms of heading
criteria for applying GRI2(a) in the classification of an incomplete or unfinished article
What is classification is guided by a. specific description b. essential character c. last heading in numerical order
the three methods of classifying goods,which, prima facie falls under two or more heading applying GRI3
What is Exclusion Notes
Give an inventory of certain articles that must not be included in a particular Section or Chapter
What is 1. must consists of at least 2 different articles which are classifiable in different headings
2. articles are put up together to meet a particular need or carry out a specific activity 3. must be put up in a manner suitable for retail sale
Criteria to be satified to be classified as a set
What is Nature of the material or component; bulk, quality, quantity,weight, value; role in relation to use of the goods
Criteria for essential character

Tariff Classification 2

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