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What was said at the beginning is missing pieces or a completely different story.
In the game "Telephone," what happens by the end of the line?
A. chair
A chair can't feel happy, sad, or angry!
Which of the following does NOT experience emotions?
A. chair
B. baby
C. parents
D. teenagers
What craft did we make to help us remember mindfulness?
False! The best way to solve the problem is to use our coping skills!
True or False?
When something doesn't go the way that we want, the best way to solve the problem is to freak out and stay stuck, feeling frustrated.
A ball during week one, and crumpled paper week four.
In group we have had two occasions where we have thrown things at people... what are two things that we have thrown?
People misinterpret or fill in the gaps with information that may not be
What happens when we leave bits and pieces out when talking to others?
B. Tall is a word that we use to describe the size of something or someone.
Which of the following is NOT an example of an emotion?
A. Anxious
B. Tall
C. Betrayed
D. Hopeless
What exercise did we do to practice mindfulness?
Foster/Resource parents, your social worker, a teacher, coach, or any other adult that you trust!
If you are feeling stressed and worried, who are three adults you can talk to who can help?
What is Xemina's favorite movie series?
Ask questions!
How can you find out more information you may be missing from a story?
When you feel very sad for a long time, what might you be experiencing?
Taking deep breaths, paying attention to our emotions, being aware of what is happening around us, taking a mindfulness walk and noticing what is around us.
What is one way we can practice mindfulness?
Sing/listen to your favorite song, take a deep breath, play outside, hug a stuffed animal or pet, talk with a trusted friend or adult, read a book, write a poem/journal, or any other coping skills that help you!
Imagine you are having a tough day. What are two coping skills that can help you feel better?
Let's see it!
Who can still show their team's secret handshake?
We can block these negative thoughts by using coping skills or replacing them with positive thoughts
How can you protect, or shield, yourself from mean or negative thoughts?
Anxiety (remember that over time, you can turn down the volume on those worry thoughts by using coping skills like deep breaths and positive thoughts!)
When you are feeling extra worried and nervous about something, what do we call this?
calm down! This also helps us to deal with tougher emotions like anger, frustration, and sadness.
When you notice what is happening around you, it can help you to...?
Some other examples... I am strong! I am worthy of love! No one can make me feel badly without my permission. I treat my body with respect and kindness. I am beautiful! I learn from my mistakes. I will not compare myself to others.
Sometimes our brain can think unkind things about ourselves. When this happens, we need to stop, take a deep breath, and think of something positive about ourselves. What are two positive things (positive affirmations) we can say to ourselves?
Name three of our group rules from memory.
1. "I feel..."
2. "...because or when..."
3. "Could you please..."
Name two of the three parts to an "I statement"
embarrassed, furious, depressed, excited, scared, surprised, unhappy, etc.
Name three emotions besides happy, sad, and mad.
Practicing being aware of our surroundings in the present moment, noticing what is happening right now, and noticing how we are feeling and thinking
What is mindfulness?
The balloon activity, coping skills bingo, and making our own coping skills survival guide/posters.
What were two activities that we did during group on the day that we focused on coping skills?
Backstreet Boys
What was the name of the band that Tanner said he listened to growing up? (hint: we also jammed to this group while crafting)

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