Careers in Sports Medicine Athletic Training
What is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention and treatment of injuries that occur to athletes and the active population.
What is Sports Medicine
What is the number one requirement needed to be called a Certified Athletic Trainer?
What is a passing score on the BOC exam
What is the division of sports medicine that deals with the care and prevention of athletic injuries?
What is an Athletic Trainer
What is an individual who is studying the skills necessary for the prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehab of athletes called?
What is a Student Athletic Trainer
What is the use of heat, cold, or electrical stimulation to produce an increase or decrease in blood flow?
What is a Therapeutic Modality
What is What is the basic first aid and CPR that includes training in areas such as sports liability, an emergency action plan, conditioning and returning athletes to play following an injury?
What is Sports Medicine first aid
What is the division of sports medicine that involves the evaluation of existing levels of health and the alteration of activities of everyday life?
What is a Fitness Instructor
What is the non-for-profit organization that is committed to the advancement, encouragement, and improvement of the athletic training profession?
What is the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA)
What is the method of exercise that is designed to prepare an individual to become physically able to do the activities he or she wishes to do?
What is a Physical Fitness Program
What is acceptance of responsibility for the risks involved in the participation of a given activity?
What is Assumption of Risk

Sports Medicine Jeopardy

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