Theories/Theorists Culture and Socialization Terms to know Deviance and Cults Case Studies
Symbolic interactionist
Which sociological theorist believes
symbols are the basis of social life?
the process of learning how to plan the way to behave in new situations
What is anticipatory socialization?
perceived informal, mostly unwritten, rules that define acceptable and appropriate actions within a given group or community
a small group within a larger group who shares a common system of values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and lifestyle distinct from those of the larger group.
What is a subculture?
Feral Child
Oxanna Malaya was known as a ______
Charles Cooley
Who said, "I am not what I think I am, I am not what you think I am, I am what I think you think I am"
a family in which divorced partners with children from a previous marriage remarry. (Step family)
What is a blended family?
social identity is the way you define yourself to the world and to yourself
Social Identity
Young (under 30) Caucasians
Middle and Upper Middle classes
Nominal religious background
Relatively well-educated
Isolated / unattached
Experienced disaffection
Religious seeker-ship
What kind of person do cults prey on to recruit?
Children has internalized racism caused by the discrimination that occurred through segregation.
What were the findings of the Clark Doll experiment:
Conflict Theory
Karl Marx is a major contributor of this theory.
Homophobia, ageism, sexism, etc..
Name three types of discrimination:
Primary Agents of Socialization
Rebellion is a special case wherein the individual rejects both the cultural goals and traditional means of achieving them but actively attempts to replace both elements of the society with different goals and means.
Define Rebellion according to Merton's Deviance typology.
He was raised as a girl but born as a boy, during adolescence, he became more into himself as a boy, realizing he was lied to, causing issues with his surgery and parents.
In the story of David Reimer, "The Boy Who Lived As a Girl", what was the effect of David's socialization?
The shortcomings an individual experiences in his or her financial status provide a reason to resent groups in society that may appear to have greater access to wealth and prosperity
People will act on their frustration by lashing out against those who are “others”
What is frustration-aggression theory?
Feral Children: Children deserted at a young age and raised by animals. Ferals will often take on the behaviour of the animals that raised them.

Isolated Children: Children raised in near isolation within human households. Without human contact we can see the impact on their socialization.
Define feral children vs isolates:
Prejudice is an attitude towards a group of people based on characteristics assumed to be common to all members of the group, and discrimination is treating people unfavourably on the basis of that membership.
Prejudice vs Discrimination
Exploitation of personal weakness or hope
Group pressure
discouraging critical questions
Isolation from family
Food/Shelter deprivation
What are three methods for recruiting members of a cult?
Group membership helps to shape one's identity. Belonging to a group means protecting the core beliefs of the group and ensuring its future survival.
In the Henri Tejfel Experiment experiment, what does his social identity theory suggest...
getting sociology recognized as a separate academic discipline
Emile Durkheim contributed to the field of sociology by...
Peer Groups
What are 5 secondary agents of socialization?
The process by which an individual will alter or change his or her thoughts, feelings, and behaviour to meet the expectations of the group or authority figure.

Conformity involves the acceptance of the cultural goals and means of attaining those goals.
A belief that individuals are more likely to pursue illegitimate actions in order to achieve society’s most cherished goals when they are blocked from accessing the institutionalized means to these goals.
Explain Robert's Merton's Strain Theory
21 out of 22 administered Astroten as instructed. Hofling concluded that people will reluctantly question authority figures and would rather be wrong than disobey orders.
In Hofling's Obedience Study, what were the results of the nurses? What does Hofling's study tell us about obedience?

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