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2 Opps & 3 Quotes
For a Renewal - Increase, how many opps and quotes should I have?
Lost Type, Loss Reason, and Lost To
When marking an account closed/lost, what is required to be filled out?
Look at the SF documentation
If I have a sf question, what should I do first?
Subscription for the pilot term plus Professional services.
What costs are charged in the pilot opt out fees?
Account > Governing Agreements
I don't have a customer signature block, where do I fix that?
1. Churn Notice Date
2. Churn Date
3. Health Status = Churn
4. Churn Reason
5. Attach email PDF
When an account Churns, what needs to be filled out?
Who should you always cc on your renewal communications?
Purchase Order. Issued by the customer to release payment for invoice.
What is a PO? And how is it used?
Invoice Schedule
Customer will be paying different amounts in year 1 vs year 2, what field should I put that in?
Expansion: Pixlee - Logo/Brand
Cross Sell: New Brand Pixlee is now what type of opportunity?
Online Terms: Customer
MSA: Customer & Bryan
Who needs to sign the service order if they are under online terms? MSA?
$7,000 - Technical Services are billed annually up front.
If a customer has $10,000 Subscription, $2,000 of Technical Services billed Semi Annually, How much will their first invoice be?
For any Midterm Upsell, you will amend the current contract. Do not create a brand new opportunity.
What should I do for a mid-term upsell?
Attach it to the account page
If I am not using DocuSign within SF what must I do as soon as a customer signs the service order?
Mark the quote as primary
My quote information is not rolling up to the opportunity, how do I fix this?
False, I forward the request with attachments to ar@pixleeturnto.com
Your customer is requesting a vendor form to be filled out. After filling it out I should ping Alexis for our W9.
True or False? Correct the statement if needed.
Check the boxes for Renewal Forecast and Renewal Quoted on the contract
My renewal opportunity was never generated, what can I do do generate one?
Stage 1 & Stage 2
At what stages can I mark an opportunity as sales rejected instead of closed/lost?
Change quantity of the product to 20
Customer is getting 20 PS hours, how can I do that in CPQ?
Offer semi annual - credit card autopay.
Offer quarterly - credit card autopay.
Last but least - Monthly auto pay, with managers approval.
You tried to get annual payments from your $8K ARR customer but they cant afford to pay for the subscription up front. Give two examples of what to offer to support your customer and close the deal.


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