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What is Creative?
Laura is a very _____ person; she likes to paint and write poems
What is "losing"
What is the incorrect word in this sentence?

When we go through a tunnel, I am usually losing my Wi-Fi connection.
What is "Which language school to attend"?
What problem does Molly have?

Dear Molly,

It was great to hear from you! I'm so glad you had a good birthday. I loved the photos!

Anyway, you asked for my advice on choosing a language school in the UK. I agree that it'll really help your English, and you'll have great fun too. One thing you should do is think about where in the UK you want to go to. Why not make a list of all the things you'd like to see and do there?
What is "was"?
Put in the missing word:

I _____ late. (past simple)
What is turkey?
What bird do you eat on Thanksgiving?
What is failed?
Carmen was ill in the exam, so she’s sure she _________ (did not pass) it.
What is was going?
How do you use the verb "to go" in PAST CONTINUOUS?
What is "how to Ollie"?
What skill did Stephanie learn?

My skill’s a bit like Adrian’s because I had to practise for ages until I could do it properly, too. I suppose I was about eight when some older kids in the neighbourhood showed me how to do an ‘ollie’ on a skateboard. It’s all about pushing the back of the skateboard down to the ground, and then lifting your front leg and bending your knee and your ankle.
What is "Dear (name)?"
How do you start an email?
What is pumpkin pie?
What is the most famous Thanksgiving desert?
What is ful/painful?
What suffix do you use with "pain" to make it an adjective?
What is "When did you go to France?"
What question can be answered with this sentence: "I went to France July 2nd."
What is "owning, thinking, spend, have, choosing, being, switch, or suppose"
Name one incorrect word in the following paragraph:

I am owning quite a few gadgets: a smartphone, a games console, a tablet and others. My parents are thinking that I spend a bit too long on them, at the moment. Now I am having one hour of screen time a day during the week, and two a day at weekends. I am choosing what to spend that time on, but when the time is being up, my parents are switching all devices off. I am supposing I do spend quite a bit of time on them, so I've decided to give it a go. Wish me luck -- it isn't going to be easy!
What is "say 'you should do something'"?
How do you give advice?
What is "the native Americans and the British/settlers/colonizers?"
The first Thanksgiving feast was celebrated with what people?
What is "agreement"?
Finally, my brother and I have come to an
_________ about using the computer.
What is "used to"?
What phrase means "you are familiar with"?
What is
What argument does this sentence go with?

"Parents these days worry about the effect technology is having on children."
What is professional?
What tone is the sentence, "I hope that you feel better soon and that we can continue talking in the upcoming week" ?
What is "the third Thursday of every year"?
When is Thanksgiving celebrated?
What is "beat"?
This morning, I played tennis with Carla
and I _______ her!
What is "Would"?
Fill the blank: I _____ visit my grandmother every Tuesday (past).
What is
Say "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers" five times fast.
What is "persuasive, informative, entertainment"?
What are the three types of arguments?
What is "To give thanks" or "be grateful"?
What does "Thanksgiving" literally mean?

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