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What is Go Fish?
This card game requires you to ask to other player/s for a specific card to make a match, if you don't have said card you tell that person the card games name
What is the 2nd Amendment?
The right to bear arms
Who is Mohamed Salah?
Forward, Liverpool
What is Poker?
Omaha, 7-card stud, 5-card draw, and Texas Hold
'Em are all forms of this popular gambling game
What is the 13th Amendment?
Elimination of slavery and indentured servitude
Who is Jaime Vardy?
Forward, Leichester City
What is Blackjack?
Popular phrases said during this game are "hit me", "stay" during this game to 21
What is the 15th Amendment?
The right to vote for citizens regardless of their race
Who is Danny Ings?
Forward, Southhampton
What is Three-Card Monte?
Also known as Find the Lady, this game makes you follow three cards and pick which one is the Queen, it is also a popular hustle
What is the 22nd Amendment?
Limiting a President to only be able to serve two terms
Who is Harry Kane?
Striker, Tottenham
What is War?
In this game, the deck is split evenly among the players and they flip over a card at the same time, the higher card wins, also another name for battle
What is the 19th Amendment?
The right to vote for women
Who is Kevin De Bruyne?
Midfielder, Manchester City

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