CPR/ AED circulation emergencies Respiratory emergencies/ choking Wound care
What is a pocket mask or face shield?
I should always use this when giving CPR to protect myself (when giving mouth-to-mouth).
What is Face Arm Speech Time? FAST
Use this acronym to assess someone having a stroke (and what does this acronym stand for)?
What is partial choking? *Remember to stay with the person and encourage them to cough.
If the person can still cough or speak, this is known as __________ choking?
What is a nosebleed?
To treat this condition, tilt the head FORWARD, and pinch the nose for 15 minutes..
Reposition the head (if that still doesn't work, then check the mouth and perform the finger sweep).
If my first rescue breath doesn't go in, then I need to _______________ (for breath 2).
What are nitroglycerine and aspirin?
Which two meds can be used to treat a heart attack?
-shake the inhaler
-prime the inhaler once or twice (spray it into the air)
Before administering an inhaler, you must remember to _________ the inhaler.
What are:
- milk
- egg whites
- coconut water
- person's own saliva
After you stop the bleeding (in mouth), you can immerse the knocked-out-tooth in: ____________.
- absorb moisture with a cloth.
- shave the chest
- remove clothing from the person's chest
Name 3 things you must do to prepare the chest for an AED.
What is internal bleeding?
Which condition is this?
-bruising on the abdomen
-intense thirst
-nausea/ vomiting
-blood in saliva/ vomit
- call EMS/ 911
- start CPR/ use AED
What is the next thing to do if a choking person drops unconscious?
What are:
- red streaks
- swelling
- pus
- fever

*Remember to seek medical attention!
What are some possible signs that a cut has become infected?
- when the person resumes breathing
- when someone else takes over (EMS or a bystander)
- if you are exhausted and need a break
- if the scene becomes unsafe
When is it acceptable to stop giving CPR?
What is a heart attack?
*note: some individuals, especially women don't necessarily get chest pain
Which condition is this?
-chest pain
-pain in arm & jaw
-back pain
-crushing chest pain
What are:
-hives/ rash
-airway swelling
-nausea/ vomiting
What are 3 signs or symptoms of anaphylaxis?
What is a thermal burn?
To treat this condition, immerse this in cool water and wrap it up (in sterile, non-adhesive gauze). *Call EMS if severe.
What are:
-community centres
- libraries
- fitness centres
Name 3 places where you can find an AED.
Treat for shock:
-rest/ reassure
-give blanket
-keep seated
-no water (note: they will be very thirsty)
How should you treat someone for internal bleeding?
-Give a second dose (if available) into the opposite thigh. *Call 911 if you haven't done do already.
If the person does not improve within 5 minutes of taking an Epipen, what is the next thing to do?
What is an amputated finger/ body part?
To treat this condition, remember to:
-protect it,
-bag it,
-cool it
-tag it.
Don't forgtet to treat the person first!

Review from day 1!

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