Contact Structure Chat Best Practices Voice Best practices
The Greeting script.
Which is the first step to follow when handling an inbound call?
False: Only use "I" statements.
True or False: You are supposed to use "We" statements when handling a chat.
False, we may end the call only if the customer is being abusive directly with the agent in a personal way.
If this is the case, give one warning and if continues, inform about the call termination.
True or False: If the customer is angry and yelling, we are allowed to finish the call.
Inform about the E-mail that will be sent.
This step will be the #7 in the structure to handle a customer call. Which one is it?
No, the greeting is not personalized.
Correct one: Hello (customer name)! Thanks for contacting Amazon Customer Service. This is (agent) and I will be assisting you today. How may I help?
Is this a personalized greeting?:
Hello! This is (agent). How can I help you?
* Use noncomplex vocabulary.
* Articulate words properly.
*Use an adequate and constant tone of voice.
Which actions can we do to optimize the understanding of the customer when providing information?
False: Apologies and empathy will be step #4.
True or False: Apologizing and showing empathy will be step #3 in the contact Handling Structure.
*Probing questions
Which will be one tip to better Identify the customer problem?
*Allow the customer some time to vent.
* Do not interrupt the customer.
* Inform the customer you are there to help and that you are trying to provide him/her with the correct information for the case.
Which actions can we do if the customer is frustrated and does not allow us to speak?
Step #5
Providing options and solutions will be step #___ in the contact handling structure.
Yes, we have to inform the customer the chat will be closed or paused.
True or False: Do we have to inform the customer about the chat being paused/closed?
*Use an adequate and constant tone of voice.
*Call the customer by his/her name.
* Paraphrase the issue and ensure you will work on it.
Which actions can we do during a call to make the customer feel more comfortable? Mention at least two.
There are a total of 9 steps in the contact structure.
How many steps are in total in the Contact Structure?
Chats can be parked if we need an answer from the customer to confirm a resolution (refund, replacement, return) or another part of the information required to solve the customer issue and the customer is away for over 4 minutes.
When are we supposed to park a chat?
*Reframe your mindset.
* Do not take it personally.
Which actions can we do when handling a rude/angry customer? Mention at least two.


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