Documents Amendments: Top 10! Amendments: 20th Century Let's Talk Federalism! Did you know?
Mayflower Compact of 1602
What is the first instance in which colonists developed their own political institutions?
Freedom of speech, the press, religion, and assembly. Right to petition the government.
What is the 1st amendment?
The 19th Amendment granted women the right to vote in national elections. With President Woodrow Wilson’s support, the right of women—in reality white women—to vote was enshrined in the Constitution. (1920)
What is the 19th amendment?
with clear boundaries or limits to authority
What is Dual Federalism?
Meets local needs
Enables innovations in the labs of democracy
Protects rights
Enhances choices
What is the states responsibility?
Articles of Confederation
What is the precursor to the constitution?
Protection against: trial without indictment, double jeopardy, self-incrimination, & property seizure.
What is the 5th amendment?
The 27th amendment deals with the salaries of those serving in the Congress. Their salaries do not change until a new congress is convened; every two years. (1992)
What is the 27th amendment?
with federal dominance and blurred lines; overlapping functions between national & state governments.
What is Cooperative Federalism?
Enhances fairness
Equalizes resources
Promotes national standards and best practices
Facilitates coordination
What is the national levels responsibility?
the Constitution
What is the name of the document adopted in 1787 and written James Madison; 11 years after the Declaration of Independence?
Rights granted in the Constitution shall not infringe on other rights.
What is the 9th amendment?
The 16th Amendment allowed the Congress to tax. (1913).
What is the 16th amendment?
with less federal money/oversight and more state/local authority and control.
What is New Federalism?
a national polity governed as a single unit, with the central government exercising all or most political authority.
What is Unitary Government?
The Bill of Rights
What is the document upon which the Constitution was conditionally ratified?
Protection against housing soldiers in civilian homes.
What is the 3rd amendment?
The 22nd Amendment establishes that a person can only be elected President for two terms (8y). This was in response to President FDR’s 4 term administration, lasting from 1933 until his death in 1945. (1951)
What is the 22nd amendment?
under Trump, with set national goals and state innovations to achieve them.
What is Progressive Federalism?
a group of independent states or nations that yield some of their powers to a national government, although each state retains a degree of sovereign authority.
What is a Confederation?
The Federalist 51
What is the document, discussed in class, that James Madison wrote to help ratify the constitution?
Protection against excessive bail, excessive fines, & cruel and unusual punishment.
What is the 8th amendment?
The 25th Amendment allows for the Cabinet to declare a president physically or mentally unfit for office. (1967)
What is the 25th amendment?
Federalism reflects the increasing polarization
of the country.
What does Federalism show us?
the Articles of Confederation
Under what did the US have a federation for ten years?

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