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Ceremonial, Deliberative
Which type of speech occasion focuses on the present and is concerned with praise (ex. award acceptance speeches, toasts at weddings, etc.)?

Which type of speech occasion focuses on the future and try to determine a plan or course of action (ex. A politician speaking about his plan for the city if re-elected)?
Manuscript, Memorized
When you see a politician give a speech where he/she is reading from the teleprompter, they are delivering the speech in which mode?

Which mode is unadvisable because of the following: a speaker’s nervousness may make them loose their place and not be able to improvise and the audience may feel as if the speaker is talking “at” them?
The ____________ of the speech justifies and clarifies your thesis statement.
Mind mapping
______________________ is a graphical technique for visualizing connections between several ideas or pieces of information.
The speaker included a thesis and preview statement that highlighted his three main points in the beginning and a review statement which summarized his main points at the end of the speech. This is an example of:
Organizational, Physiological
As an audience member, you are finding it difficult to continue to listen to the speaker’s message because he/she is not following a clear organizational pattern/structure. This type of noise is known as:
Speaking competently and conversationally with limited notes
Extemporaneous speaking refers to:
Last, First
The Recency effect has to do with placing your most important main point______________.

The tendency for the first items presented in a series to be remembered better or more easily refers to the _______________effect.
Mind mapping, Brainstorming, Catagorical brainstorming
What are three activities suggested for coming up with topic ideas?
Purpose statement
The best strategy for preparing a speech is to start by identifying a goal, what will serve as the purpose of the speech. Second, as we begin constructing our speech, we need a specific_________ __________, “a concise statement of the desired audience response indicating what you want your listeners to be able to know, feel or do when you finish speaking."
Ethos! True
Aristotle said that every speaker should include these three types of appeals in their speech. Which appeal speaks to the credibility of the speaker as perceived by the audience during the speech act?

A speaker is expected to state outside sources to support the points being made in the speech. (T/F)
To entertain
There are three general purposes or functions of a speech: to inform, to persuade, and to _____________.
Problem Cause Solution, Cause Effect Solution
Which organizational patterns are best suited for persuasive speeches?
Informative, Persuasive
One idea for categorical brainstorming is to make a list of “Things I Like” and “Things that Make Me Mad.

Chances are that items from the first column will make good ____________ topics. The second column will make good ____________ topics.
As you get up to begin your speech, hundreds of anxious thoughts begin flowing through your mind. This is an example of what type of noise?
Verbal and nonverbal messages
In the early 1960s, a model of communication was created by David Berlo that consisted of four primary components: a source, a message, a channel, and a receiver. What type of communication made up the “message”?
Many people experience some anxiety with public speaking. The official term for the fear of public speaking is glossophobia. The Greek word, glossa, means _______________.
Spatial, Compare/Contrast, Chronological
Jim’s informative speech discusses the issues surrounding hunger. He wants to look at the issue on the global, national, and local levels. When your main ideas follow a geographical or directional pattern, they are organized in a ___________ pattern.

Brandt wants to give an informative speech describing the similarities and differences between the clothes sold at Abercrombie and Fitch and clothes sold at American Eagle. Which organizational pattern would best fit her speech?

A speech that is ordered using the passage of time with main points in order from past to present or present to past is called?
As a speaker, you need to select a topic that you may adequately address in the time that you have been given. You need to narrow your focus or the _____________ of the topic.
Common Ground and Vilification
What are the two types of identification?
To share or put in common
The word “communication” comes from the Latin word communicare meaning:
Invention- Generation of Ideas
Arrangement - Speech Organization
Linguistic Style - Language Choices
Delivery - Speaker's Voice & Body
What are the 5 components of Cicero's rhetorical cannon, and what do each of them represent?
Reduces Uncertainty, Increases Retention, Increases Comprehension
Organization increases identification between an audience and a speaker in what 3 ways?
Increased Ethos, you will find the research process more enjoyable/easier, you will improve your fluency and speak with more passion.
The four criteria for choosing a topic include interest to the speaker, interest to our audience, scope, and the potential for oral delivery. Name the three benefits of choosing a topic that interests you (the speaker)?
Name Speech, Demo Speech, Informative Speech, Persuasive Speech, Self Critique
What are the five assignments that you will be responsible for completing in this class?

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