Undergrad Grad School Potpourri
What is Hotel and Restaurant Management
I'm currently waiting tables and would love to move into management. This program may be right for me.
What is a Master of Science in Management
You may want to earn this graduate degree online if you are currently busy working in a leadership position and want to enhance your ability to manage PEOPLE!
What is Justice and Public Safety Administration
If you’re a Sullivan graduate of these AS and BS programs you will have the skills to fight crime and be a role model employee for Homeland Security.
What are Professional Nanny and Early Childhood Education
Submit four letters of recommendation, current negative TB test, crime check free from convictions, Childcare experience, negative child abuse/neglect record, proof of graduation and passing entrance test and you can be accepted into these programs.
What is Human Resource Leadership
You will be the boss to monitor the cost if you go the extra mile to obtain this graduate degree. Compensation and employee relations will be your expertise.
What is Accounting
These AS and BS Degrees could help me achieve my goal of becoming a CPA. I better like numbers!
What is Medical Coding
If you are detail oriented and good with numbers this program may be good for you! This program teaches how to interpret medical diagnosis. Don’t mess up!
What is Public Management
I currently work for the government, and am looking to advance my career in management in my current sector. Which Graduate Degree may be right for me?
What is Supply Chain Management
With Kentucky being one of the leading areas in the United States in warehousing and distribution, it’s a good thing Sullivan University Online offers this program!
What is Beverage Management
This degree may be a good option for me; I’d like to become a sommelier.
What is Conflict Management
This Degree will help me to become an able mediator, prevent disputes and improve communication throughout my organization.
What is a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies
I’m a mature adult learner looking to individualize my education in two disciplines with this degree.
What is Dale Carnegie Certificate
You can strengthen relationships, gain willing cooperation, and be a leader in only 20 credit hours and 6 months with one of these certificates.
What is a PhD in Management
This degree will help me take my career and education to the highest level, focusing on the research of management theories and practices.
What is RN to BSN
This degree teaches me about Holistic Therapies, Genetics, Patient Safety, and Pathophysiology.

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