Levels Of Stress Myths About Stress 5 A's: Misc Questions:
Emptiness, despite success externally
No joy in darshan, tears, dance
What are some signs that you are experiencing stress at a spirit level?
False! When you experience pain due to stress how can stress be normal?
Stress may help you finish your work faster but will burn you out faster. It hinders your performance and kills the performer!!
T/F Stress is a normal part of life!
Awareness of thoughts, acceptance of thoughts, leave attachments, change attitude, Action
Name the 5 A's
To find our peace center; visit daily/often
Why and how often should we meditate?
There is some stress at the mental level that you haven’t caught yet.
Stress at physical level indicates
If you enjoy what you do you will never be in stress!
How can you refute this statement: Hardwork, Hectic schedules, long hours = stress
Good than right
"Leave your attachments"
Complete the following quote and which A it belongs to: "Sometimes it's better to be _____"
spirit than mind
It all comes from the filters of our beliefs and opinions
Stress management is more related to ____ than ____
F: You are disconnected from Sadguru/Bhagwan/the Higher, even if HE is right in front of you
T/F: Spirit/Atmik level stress is when you are physically far away from HIM
Nope its just temporary. When you go on vacation you will be stress free for 7 days but when you come back the stress will come back as well.

However, the moment you change your perception regardless of whatever you’re doing you will never feel stress
T/F Going on vacation for a week will resolve your stress!
FALSE: awareness is about being aware of what’s going on within you!
T/F Awareness is about being aware of what others are doing, so you can plan your response to them.
Relationships breaking down
Not enjoying your life, your work, doing sincerely but not enjoying
pessimistic outlook to life
Feel hurt at small things
Tension, worry anxiety (can’t even laugh at a joke)
Name 4 symptoms of stress
We should never give up ____, no matter how many mistakes we make
You will need to treat yourself
Regardless of if you go to a psychiatrist or to satsang to try and fix your stress what is one thing that both will tell you?
Just surrender to HIS supreme logic and HIS supreme plan
What is a solution to having comparison bhaav?
the person that’s different from you; shuddhatma
The numerator is ___ and the denominator is ____.
“You are buried, it means you are planted”!
You should stay positive
Darkness does not mean…. (Finish this phrase). BONUS: Explain its significance
Stress is not about what others are doing or saying but what you are doing about what they are doing
Myth: I am in stress because of people around me
Finish the following quote and state which myth it's attached to: "Stress is not about what others ______
We learn wisdom well - but we don't increase our awareness or enjoy our existence. And because of this we dislike ourselves
Bapa says we do one thing really well but two things not so much. What are those things and what is the result?
False: Surrendership to the sangh is just as important
Samarpan to who is not important. Samarpan is important
If you are part of a sangh, be less of yourself and more of the organization
T/F Surrendership to bapa is the most important

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