Hot For Those Keys Can I Ask Your Opinion? Come On Retrievals Room of Requirements To Retrieve or Not to Retrieve
What is M/L
Hotkey(s) used when retrieving to a Provider for the first time
What is Secondary Medical Opinion
What Medical Opinion is asking if a claimed condition is related to a service connected condition
What is 12 months
How long are PFT results good for?
What is a Chaperone
What is required for the following exams:
- Gynecological
- Rectum and Anus
- Male Reproduction
What is Do Not Retrieve -- the claimed condition and service connected condition are both addressed in the diagnosis section

**DJD and Arthritis are one in the same, per the VA**
Retrieve or Do Not Retrieve:

Claimed Condition: Arthritis
Service Connected Condition: Lumbosacral Strain
Diagnosed Condition(s): Lumbosacral Strain with DJD
What is M/P/L
Hotkey(s) used when changes have NOT been made
What is Aggravation Medical Opinion
What Medical Opinion asks for the baseline of the claimed condition?
What is Has the diagnosis changed from the previously service-connected diagnosis?
What retrieval would be required if there is both a new and service connected diagnosis provided day of exam?
What is X-Ray Proof
What is required in order to provide a new diagnosis of Arthritis?
What is Retrieve - since there are abnormal findings, we would expect to see 13e filled out to discuss the relationship of the abnormal findings with the diagnosed condition(s)
Retrieve or Do Not Retrieve:

Provider has ordered and provided results for the claimed knee condition. Results show "Old healed fracture to tibial tuberosity with mild swelling and noted osteophytes."

Question 13e is marked as "no"
What is M/D/L
Hotkey(s) used when a Provider refuses to make a *required* change
What is Direct Medical Opinion
What Medical Opinion would the following be considered:

"Does the Veteran have a diagnosis of (a) colon cancer, claimed as the result of herbicide agent exposure that is at least as likely as not (50 percent or greater probability) incurred in or caused by (the) colon cancer during service?"
What is 3c. Sub Question: Does procured evidence (statements from the Veteran) suggest pain, fatigability, weakness, lack of endurance, or incoordination which significantly limits functional ability with repeated use over time?
What question in the *physical* tab must be filled out if there is functional loss noted in the History?
What is

1. Two BP readings on 3 separate days

2. Systolic >/= 160 mmHg
3. Diastolic >/= 90 mmHg
What is required for a new diagnosis of Hypertension?
What is Do Not Retrieve - We would not want to see a knee assistive device discussed on the Ankle DBQ
Retrieve or Do Not Retrieve:

Ankle DBQ History Section discusses the Vet using a cane for their Bilateral Lateral Collateral Ligament Sprain and a brace for their previously diagnosed Bilateral PFPS.

Assistive Devices section only discusses the cane
What is M/C and O/L/C
Hotkey(s) used when completing a Medical Review with no other appointments on the Order
What is All of Them
What Medical Opinion requires Additional Evidence Comments be included?
What is 7.4 cm2
If a Veteran has three scars [1cm x 3cm], [0.5cm x 8cm] and [2cm x 0.2cm] -- what is the total surface area?
What is

1. Fasting plasma glucose test (FPG) of >= 126 on two or more occasions

2. A1C of 6.5% or more on two or more occasions
***HOWEVER - If they have a result of 9% -- This is enough to diagnose, with only the one result***

3. 2hr plasma glucose of >= 200mg/dl

4. Random plasma glucose of >= 200mg with classic symptoms of hyperglycemia
What is required for a new diagnosis of Diabetes?
What is Retrieve -- we would still need to know what the etiology of the CAD is
Retrieve or Do Not Retrieve:

Diagnosed Condition(s): Coronary Artery Disease and Angina

Question 2c notes Angina's etiology being Coronary Artery Disease
What is M/D/C and O/L/N/C
Hotkey(s) used when a Provider has refused to make changes and there are multiple scheduled appointments on the order
What is Gulf War Medical Opinion
What opinion asks about undiagnosed and multi-symptom illnesses?
What is Both constant and intermittent pain
When reviewing the Peripheral Nerves DBQ, what do we know for absolute certainty the Veteran CANNOT have?
What is an Echocardiogram
What is required for a new diagnosis of Ischemic Heart Disease?
What is Retrieve -- BUE constant pain is mild in the Peripheral Nerves DBQ, and moderate in the Neck DBQ
Retrieve or Do Not Retrieve:

--- Peripheral Nerves DBQ states:
*BUE mild constant pain, BLE moderate constant pain,
*BUE no intermittent pain, BLE no intermittent pain
*BUE mild paresthesia, BLE no paresthesia
*BUE no numbness, BLE mild numbness

--- Neck DBQ states:
*BUE moderate constant pain
*BUE no intermittent pain
*BUE mild paresthesia
*BUE no numbness

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