1 Ticket Theme
What is a word that mean smart, or shiny?
Once, some children were lost in the forest. Ben, a big boy, asked the other children to walk faster. Some children were too small and scared to walk really fast. Ben said that he would only take strong boys with him to find help, so he left the smaller o
A. A person with a good heart wins in the end.
B. People should always help lost little children.
C. It is easier to lose than to win in hard times.
D. Little children never get lost in the forest.
What is a metaphor?
She is a rock.
What is the theme? "Mom, can I have a new bike?" Clarissa asked.
"Clarissa, there is nothing wrong with the one you have now."
"I know, but I really want a new one."
"Well, if you want a new bike," her mom said, "you will have to earn the m
What is the theme of the story?

A. It is okay to want new things to replace your old things.
B. It is easy to take pride in something you have earned.
C. You are lucky if you have nice neighbors who will help you.
D. Parents should buy the
What is a free verse poem that describes nature using just three lines?
What is the theme? Rima was looking for her friends in the playground when she saw a sad little girl sitting alone. Rima went up to the girl and asked her name. “Sammy,” the little girl said. Rima asked Sammy why she looked so sad, and Sammy said that she
A. If you do something good, something good may happen to you.
B. People never make new friends when they move to a new place.
C. People are not always as nice as they sometimes seem to be.
D. It is easier to learn how to play the piano than t
What is the definition of theme?
The message/lesson about life.
What is the theme? T'ana told her friend Jolene a secret. She was making her dad a painting for his birthday. She did not want her dad to know about it. Jolene said that she would not say anything. But, when she saw T'ana's father in the park, she immedia
A. If you work really hard, you will get what you want.
B. People will not trust you if you tell their secrets.
C. It is easier to make a painting than to buy a gift.
D. Good friends make gifts for each other's birthdays.
What is the theme for the Seven Spools of Thread?
Sticks of a bundle are hard to break.
What is the theme? Trip was a naughty boy. He liked causing trouble for people. One morning, as Trip was selling Boy Scout popcorn, he told a man walking in the street that someone stole a box of popcorn. The man tried to help Trip and ran everywhere tryi
A. Liars cannot be trusted, even when they tell the truth.
B. It is difficult for some people to sell Boy Scout popcorn.
C. People never try to be helpful to strangers and children.
D. It is important to learn how to be a good Boy Scout.

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