Symbolism Main Argument Rhetorical Analysis
Klosterman suggests that monsters personify our fears. What are ‚Äčother reasons that vampires, werewolves, and zombies might be so intriguing? ‚Äč
Mystery and Supernatural Appeal
Symbolism and Allegory
Exploration of Human Nature
Escapism and Entertainment:
Cultural and Historical Significance
What is Klosterman’s central argument?
Modern has become more and more zombie-like ( monotonous) but there is still a possibility to live life without monotone.
How does the tone suit the essay’s
The tone suits the purpose as zombies are not a particularly formal topic and with the down-to-earth descriptions of being a human keep the work engaging
Why were zombies used as symbols in this piece as opposed to anything else?
Zombies are often associated with themes of decay, loss of identity, and existential dread. These themes resonate with the idea that modern life can sometimes feel monotonous.
What evidence does he use to develop his central argument?
he uses reference to TV shows and anecdotes
How does Klosterman establish ethos? What effect does his tone have on his credibility?
Klosterman's humorous and engaging tone encourages readers to actively engage with his arguments and perspectives.He references various films, books, and cultural phenomena related to zombies, showcasing his familiarity with the topic and establishing himself as a credible authority.

My Zombie, Myself Discussion Questions

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