Geometry Algebra Probability Units
What is pi (π=3.1415.....)
What value is used to find the area of a circle?
What is 5
If a²+10-7=28, what is a?
What is 1/5 (0.20, 20%)
Tickets numbered 1 to 20 are mixed up and then a ticket is drawn at random. What is the probability that the ticket drawn has a number which is a multiple of 5? (Simplified)
What is a cubic inch [or liter] (Both answers accepted)
Which unit is usually used to measure the volume of an object?
What is the longest side of a triangle
What is a hypotenuse?
What is 7x + 19y = -70
What is the equation of a line with a slope of -7/19 and passes through the point ( 9, -7 )?

Hint: Use ( y - y1 ) = m ( x - x1)
What is 7/8 (0.875, 87.55)
If three coins are tossed, what is the probability that heads comes up at least once? (Order Does Not Matter)
What is the mass and volume (m/v=d)
Which two measurements are needed to find the density of an object?
What is [about] 128.5 degrees
What is the measure of one angle in a heptagon?
What is 3
If 4²ⁿ=4096, what is ⁿ?
What is 1/6 (about 0.16, 16%)
What is the probability of getting a sum 6 from two throws of a dice? (Order Matters) (Simplify)
What is 31,680 inches
How many inches make up half a mile?
What is 8 inches
If the hypotenuse of a triangle is 10 inches, and a leg is 6 inches, what is the length of the other leg?

Hint: a²+b²=c²
(6=a, 10=?)
What is 7 √130
What is √14 √455
What is 10/21 (about 0.47, 47%)
A bag contains 2 red, 3 green and 2 blue balls. Two balls are drawn at random. What is the probability that none of the balls drawn is blue? (Simplify)
What is probably the smallest unit for measurement discovered so far
What is Plank Length?
What is [about] 1017.8 inches
What is the volume of a cylinder with a diameter of 12 inches and a height of 9 inches?

Hint: Formula to find volume - V=πr²h where r is the radius and h is the height.
x = –3, –2
(Quadratics) Solve x2 + 5x + 6 = 0
What is 1/18 (about 0.05, 5%)
Two squares are chosen at random on a chessboard. What is the probability that they have a side in common? (Simplify)

Hint: Chessboards consist of 64 squares
What is 537 grams over the limit
Levi is taking a trip on an airplane. The airline limits the mass of carry-on bags to 20 kilograms. Levi's scale only measures mass in grams, and his bag weighs 20,537 grams. Is the mass of Levi’s bag over the limit or under the limit and by how much?

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