Solar Eclipse Viewing Voting Dates
Which states can view the Solar Eclipse ?
Everyone in the continental U.S. can view at least a partial eclipse Monday April 8, 2024 It starts in Texas and ends in Maine, making an arch path.
What is the Georgia Protection Hotline number?
When does a solar eclipse occur?
The Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned; the moon moves between the sun and earth
When is the Primary and County Election?
May 21, 2014
What does totality mean during a solar eclipse?
Produces the diamond ring around the sun, strange colors in the sky, and stars in the daytime.
When is advance voting for the Primary and County Elections?
April 29 - May 17, 2024
Are there designated plane rides for viewing the eclipse?
Delta Airline flight from Austin, Texas to Detroit, Michigan.
What are the only 2 Saturdays we can vote for Primary and County Elections?
May 4 & May 11, 2024
Is it safe to view the solar eclipse without special glasses?
Solar filters, eclipse glasses, or naked eyes
Where can I get voting information, update my address, find my polling place or view a sample ballot?

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