Sofia Birthday Friend Fire Safety
What is true
True or False
Did mom want another dog before Sofia
What is 71
If you had all are birth dates up than what does it equal to
What is Katie Emily Sienna Evie Jimmy
What are my 5 best friends
What is 911
What number do you call if there is a fire?
What is 9
How many lives do cats have
What is May 16
When is it Sofia Birthday
What is Mady
who has the best birthday in the house
What is Katie
Who is the first friend I ever made
What is a fire
If the door is hot ?
What is 25
how old is jimmy
What is her pink dog
What is Sofia favorite toy
What is everyone else
Who has the 2 best birthday
What is Emily and Katie
Who are the 2 friends I made in first grade
What is get out of the biulding
what do you do if there is a fire
What is yes
Is sofia stuiped
What is ella
Sofia has a toy elephant what did mom name it
What is May 18
when is buddys birthday
What is Sienna
what friend did i make in the end of the year of 2 grade
What is 2
how many escapes should you have
What is candy
why is halloween the best hoilday
What is may
When did Sofia start getting bark box
What is andrew and anthony
who has a birthday really close to a hoilday
What is Evie
what friend likes harry potter has much has i do
What is maches
kids should never play with
What is nothing
how much did the paino cost

Madys jeopardy

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