Bad to the Bone Don't Stand So Close to Me Here I go Again on My Own Hot-Blooded Pour Some Sugar on Me
What is aspirate the joint fluid
The test of choice in anyone with fevers and a new-onset joint effusion
What is Rocephin and Azithromycin or respiratory fluoroquinolone
Empiric treatment for CAP
What is colonoscopy
Next step in a 65 year old with iron deficiency anemia
What is B-12 deficiency
Most likely cause of anemia in an elderly patient with Hct=31%, MCV=110 fl, and numbness and weakness
What is <7.0%
Most widely accepted target A1C value for Type II DM
What is allopurinol
Gout medication most likely to exacerbate an acute gouty attack
What is Salmonella
Organism uniquely associated with osteomyelitis in sickle cell patients
What is adenocarcinoma
The type of esophageal cancer associated with Barrett’s esophagus
What is lifelong
Duration of Coumadin therapy in a patient with a DVT found to have Antithrombin III deficiency
What is nothing (Euthyroid Sick Syndrome)
Treatment of choice for an ICU patient with slightly low TSH, normal T4, and low T3
What is does not matter - osteoporosis is diagnosed by her fragility fracture
T-score necessary to diagnose osteoporosis in a 75 y/o female with a vertebral fracture from bending over
What is below 200 cells/microliter
CD4 count below which you start PCP prophylaxis (Pneumocystis jiroveci)
What is Fever, Jaundice, RUQ pain
Charcot’s triad of ascending cholangitis
What are Low serum iron, low TIBC and high ferritin
Most likely findings on an iron panel in patient with Anemia of Chronic Disease
What is FNA
Next step to evaluate a palpable 2cm thyroid nodule if thyroid function tests are normal
What is > 50,000 cells/mm3
The synovial fluid WBC count most diagnostic of septic arthritis
What is E. Coli O157:H7
Specific bacteria most commonly responsible for hemolytic uremic syndrome
What are urease breath test and stool antigen
The two best tests to confirm eradication of H. pylori after treatment
What is t(9;22)
Cytogenetic translocation associated with CML
What is 24-hour thyroid radioiodine uptake and scan
Next diagnostic step in a patient with low TSH, high T3 and high T4
What is muscle biopsy
Confirmatory test necessary for the diagnosis of polymyositis
What is PaO2 < 70 mmHg OR A-a Gradient > 35mmHg
ABG values (2 of them) that indicate steroids should be used in the treatment of PCP Pneumonia
What is Hep B surface antibody
Antibody seen in Hepatitis B vaccination
What is Acquired Factor Inhibitor
The general diagnosis in a patient with an elevated PTT that doesn’t correct with a mixing study
What is 24h urine for free cortisol
Most direct and reliable method for establishing the presence of increased plasma cortisol levels
What is hepcidin
The name of the acute phase reactant that inhibits iron metabolism in Anemia of Chronic Disease

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