Pompeii Vesuvius Rome Rome Legions Roads and Architecture
What is 12,000 people
What is the population of ancient Pompeii
What is 79 A.D
What year did Vesuvius erupt?
What is a cavea
What are roman theaters called?
What is false

Fun Fact: Legatus Augusti pro praetore was the highest ranking officer typically controlling 1-2 legions and most often was a governor
True or False: The Centurion is the highest ranking officer?
What is concrete

Fun fact: Romans invented concrete
What was the resource that roads were made of in Ancient Rome
What is 79 A.D
What year did Pompeii get covered in ash by Vesuvius?
What is 10 miles
How big was the ash cloud of Mt. Vesuvius?
What is having amazing foods
Why is Rome so popular?
What is 10 Cohorts
How many Cohorts are in the roman legion?
What is something that carry's water
What does an Aqueduct do

Fun Fact: Water wheels were used to push Aqueducts when they went against gravity.
What is 24,000 people
What is the average population of Pompeii today?
What is 450 meters
How big is Mt. Vesuvius in diameter?
What is yes
Is Rome rich?
What is 4,200 legions

Fun Fact: With slaves and other workers there was 5,280 men
How many legionaries were in a roman legion?
What is Raising the middle of the road
What did the Romans do to stop flooding of the road
What is Limestone, volcanic tuff, or concrete
What were the buildings in Pompeii made of?
What is 4,203 feet
What is Mt.Vesuvius height?
What is the noble class of Rome
Who owned most of the land in the Roman Empire?
What is more maneuverability and strategic advantages
Why were Cohorts used?
What is 50,000 miles

Fun fact: There is a popular saying that all roads lead to Rome. This is probably why
Roughly how many miles of road did the Romans build
What is 1,500 years
What is the amount of time Pompeii wasn't discovered for?
What is 2
How many Volcano's make up Mt. Vesuvius
what is scenic plays
Were plays popular in Rome?
What is Primis Pillius

Fun Fact: The Pilus prior was the 2nd in command centurion and the Primi Ordines was the 3rd in command centurion
What is the Commanding Centurion?
What is a Mile Stone
What is the name of a marker that gave a distance to the nearest city

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