I/O Physio/ Pharma Lifespan Learning Theory DSM5
What is two-factor theory
lower-level needs such as physiological and safety needs have little effect on job satisfaction or motivation when they are fulfilled but produce dissatisfaction when they are unfulfilled.
What is Acute dystonia
early-onset side effect of the antipsychotics. Its primary symptoms are muscle spasms and slow abnormal movements, most often in the eyes, jaw, and tongue.
What is insecure-avoidant attachment
a pattern of attachment in which an infant avoids connection with the caregiver, as when the infant seems not to care about the caregiver's presence, departure, or return
What is Extinction (operant conditioning)
decreases in the frequency of a behavior when the behavior is no longer reinforced
What is Symptoms of Psychosis
Delusions, Hallucinations, Disorganized Thinking (speech), Grossly Disorganized or Abnormal Motor behavior and Negative Symptoms.
What is Yerkes-Dodson Law
the principle that performance increases with arousal only up to a point, beyond which performance decreases
What is Weber's Law
the more intense the stimulus, the greater the increase in stimulus intensity required for the increase to be perceived.
What is Erikson's stages of psychosocial development
1. trust vs. mistrust
2. autonomy vs. shame and doubt
3. initiative vs. guilt
4. industry vs. inferiority
5. identity vs. role confusion
6. intimacy vs. isolation
7. generativity vs. stagnation
8. integrity vs. despair
What is Rehm's self-control therapy
deficits in self-monitoring, self-evaluation, and self-reinforcement increase a person's vulnerability to depression.
What is Positive Symptoms
Should be seen as symptoms which are present in the schizophrenic but not generally present in the general population. (Psychosis)
What is Krumboltz social learning theory
career decisions are based primarily on what we have learned, especially from our interactions with others.
What is Fechner's Law
A principle describing the relationship between stimulus and resulting sensation that says the magnitude of subjective sensation increases proportionally to the logarithm of the stimulus intensity.
What is Noam Chomsky's nativist theory
language is etched into the structure of the brain
What is Meichenbaum
cognitive behavior modification
What is Avolition
Loss of the will to do things
What is House's path-goal theory
the optimal leadership style depends on certain characteristics of the worker (e.g., self-confidence and locus of control) and the work situation (e.g., degree of task challenge and ambiguity)
What is Apperceptive agnosia
an inability to recognize the basic shape of objects) is caused by lesions in certain areas of the occipital lobe.
What is auditory localization
is present to some degree at birth but then seems to disappear between the ages of 2 and 4 months and then reappears.
What is Ebbinghaus
created the forgetting curve and serial position effect in memory
What is Persecutory delusion
They are about to be harmed, spied, followed, (most common in schizophrenia
What is Edgar Schein
(person) organizational culture; basic assumptions (the unconscious beliefs, attitudes, emotions, etc.) underlying an organization's culture can act as cognitive defense mechanisms
What is middle cerebral artery stroke symptoms
contralateral hemiplegia or hemiparesis and hyposthesia (lack of sensation). In addition, when the stroke involves the left cerebral artery, aphasia and apraxia may also occur.
What is Klinefelter syndrome
Symptoms of this disorder include low testosterone levels and infertility, breast development, and reduced body and facial hair
What is Lewinsohn's Behavioral Model
attributes depression primarily to a low rate of response-contingent reinforcement and proposes that, when a person's behaviors are not reinforced, those behaviors are extinguished and the person is at increased risk for pessimism, low self-esteem, and other symptoms associated with depression.
What is Catatonic Behavior
Decrease in reactivity to the environment. Negativism, Mutism & Stupor and Catatonic excitement.


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