Work Independently and Cooperatively Solve problems and adjust direction Move physically with control and concentration Set and achieve goals
what is archeology and maze project
The act of Looking at history long ago by digging.
The project that we used to say was "Amazing" as a pun.
What is tents
The buildings that Hyla used to house its 2021-2022 school year
What is disc golf and pool noodles
The sport that former hyla student Kai Kim is professional in and the object that Marshall uses to make a loud noise by hitting it against the ground.
What is surviving
The act of not dying
What is Puppet Show and Research paper
A event involving people nealing behind a stage on their knees while acting.
A paper that involves taking time to look at information and evaluate and write it.
What is nothing
What Nicht means in english
What is Ultimate and PE
This is the sport that you give a way a "spirt of the game award" after it and the clas that involves physical education.
What is names
The way we adress eachother is by our _____?
What is Future cites and Movies
A project in which we looked at the efects of global health and incopreated it into our project.
A thing seen on a screen that used to be edited with scissors.
What is Blair Shakes
What is the business started by a hyla middle school 8th grader.
What is getting better and cooperation
The process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state and the process of working together to the same end.
What is speaking
Verbal sounds used to communicate


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