Deny & Demand: Global Labour Issues Materially imperial: the global fight for market territory 'In the Green': Eco-friendly marketing Global Marketing Practices: Ethical Versus Skeptical
What is Labour Ethics?
Working Conditions Within Nike Prisons: This Ethical concern relates to sweatshops, unsafe work environments, living wage, and human rights violations.
This market phenomenon offers 'fast' production and 'fashionable' profit margins.
What is fast fashion?
The British energy crisis 'naturally' warrants a global concern regarding conservation of this resource.
what are natural resources/energy?
This company seems unable to keep labour conditions in 'check'. Sweat producing clothes and sweat producing shops make this clothing giant worth an estimated 32 billion dollars
What is Nike?
______ imperialism, an ethical dilemma born from consumer products becoming too popular in foreign markets, hurting the domestic market
What is Cultural Imperialism?
The largest tire fire in the world took place in which country?
A) Island of Chad
B) Qatar
C) United States
D) Canada

How many tires were in the fire?

A) 200,000
B) at least 12
C) 7,000,000
D) 67,000
This Chinese clothing company got into some hot water late 2020 due to workers writing messages like 'help me' on clothing tags
What is Shein?
According to the Global Living Wage Solution, what is the basic living wage required to raise a family in Shanghai?
A) 8,500$
B) 20,000$
C) 45,000$
D) 65,000$
On average, how many tonnes of waste do houses in developed countries produce annually? 2000 pounds or two tonnes?
Two Tonnes
According to a 2022 study done by Yale university, what is the per capita coke consumption in Mexico?
A) 63 Liters
B) 100 Liters
C) 163 Liters
D) 24 Liters
The housing market in Toronto has seen better days due to foreign intervention from this global superpower
What is China?

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