Birthdays & Signs

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What is Greenleaf?
This was the first television show Devon & Simone watched together based on a fictional church in Tennessee.
What is Year Up?
This program is a professional/business/technical training program where Devon and Simone met.
What is June 2020?
In this month and year, Simone transitioned from a Desktop Support Technician to a Business Analyst.
Who is Xscape?
This song “Do You Want To” by this popular 1990s Girl band is one of the songs dedicated to Devon.
What is Baby?
This pet name is where Simone is stored under Devon's phone.
What is Black Mirror?
This television show was an anthology of episodes based on dystopian societies.
When is March 2010?
In the month of Spring and in the 2nd year of America’s First Black President’s term is when Devon and Simone met.
What is Quality Assurance (Q&A)?
“The maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production.” This is the field Devon had started his career in.
What is “Ready for Love” & “Love You Too Much”?
These two songs by artist Lucky Daye are songs that Devon first dedicated to Simone
What is Taco Tuesday?
One of the very first meals that Devon cooked for Simone has a designated day of the week.
What are Pretty Little Liars?
This television show has been binge-watched by Simone at least three times.
When is April 22, 2021?
On this day Devon had proposed to Simone.
What is Salesforce?
Both Simone and Devon worked for this Fortune 500 technical giant, where their headquarters is in San Francisco, CA and Marc Benioff is the current CEO.
Who is Johnny Mathis?
This old-school song, “Show and Tell” sung by Al Wilson was a remake. This original version was sung by this singer who hails from San Francisco?
What is Monie Tonie?
Devon has included Simone with this nickname in the nickname club of him, Devor Tevor, Sheeder Teeder, and Marver Tarver.
What is the genre, psychological/horror?
Movies such as “Bird Box” & “Get Out” are one of Devon's favorite genres of film.
What are a promise ring, owl earring studs, and flowers?
These three items are what Devon bought Simone for their first-year anniversary.
What is the wi-fi switch?
Both Devon and Simone’s mothers, Mama Ericka & Mama Vickie, have called them numerous times for this quick fix on their computer. This is a switch on a computer (and phone) that can easily malfunction after being turned off by accident.
What is “In The Name” by LeToya Luckett?
The Song of Choice for the wedding ceremony.
What is Queen’s Cajun Restaurant?
This food spot in Oakland, CA served Simone and Devon’s favorite appetizer at the time, gator bites.
What are Aquarius and Sagittarius?
“When these two zodiac signs find a mutual interest, it becomes the infinite source of new topics, information and could even change their life philosophies.” Hint: These are the zodiac signs of Simone and Devon.

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