Great People from La Habra
Who is Brian Yount
Because of this person's overall greatness, he served as the 2022 Corn Festival Parade Grand Marshall (An honor reserved for truly awesome people)
Who is Brian Yount
In the 1985-86 school year, this person was a member of the All Freeway League Football Team as well as a recipient of the very prestigious "Top 100" award
Who is Brian Yount
1977 La Habra Pop Warner Peewee division, in a 3rd down and very far to go, this person was able to pass for a first down with his freakishly strong 9 year old arm
Who is Brian Yount
1980 East La Habra Little League All Star baseball team, this amazing little 12 year old knocked in the go ahead run with this 300' blast over the fence in left center field
Who is Patrick Nevens
1977 La Habra Hawks, after his team mate ran the ball the entire length of the field only to be tackled on the 1 yard line after his cleat exploded, this person rushed in for a 1 yard touch down and got his name in the paper


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