ERB Aaron Rodgers Spider-Man Adam Sandler Famous Quotes
Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt V. Winston Churchill
Which Former U.S. President would play Bass?
Green Bay Packers
What team drafted Aaron Rodgers?
The Lizard
In Spider-Gwen, Peter Parker is which Villian?
Jack and Jill
What Adam Sandler Movie does Adam play both main Characters?
Matthew McConaughey
"Alright, alright, alright"
MLK vs Gandhi
Michael Jordan vs Muhammad Ali
Which two ERB's do Key & Peele appear in?
When was the last time Aaron Rodgers won an NFC Championship?
Spider-Man 3
Which Spider-Man movie is Coach Horn's Favorite?
Today's Sloppy Joes
Yesterday's Meatloaf is
Sir Mix-A-Lot
"I like big butts, and I can not lie"
Carl Sagan

Albert Einstein vs Steven Hawking
Sir Issac Newton vs Bill Nye
What is the only repeat character to only have one audible line?
Super Bowl XLV
2016 NFC Divisional Playoffs
How many wins does Aaron Rodgers have playing in "Jerry World" aka Dallas Cowboys Stadium
Donald Glover
Miles Morrales' Uncle is portrayed by who in Spider-Man Homecoming?
Wedding Singer
50 First Dates
How many Adam Sandler Movies has Drew Barrymore acted in?
Lindsay Lohan
"The limit does not exist"
George Washington - GW vs William Wallace
Abraham Lincoln - AL vs Chuck Norris, Obama v Romeny, Trump v Clinton
Thomas Jefferson - TJ vs. Fredrick Douglas
Donald Trump - DT vs Ebeneezer Scrooge
Joe Biden - JB vs Donald Trump
Nice Peter Portrays which 5 U.S. Presidents?
State Farm
Aaron Rodgers is referred to as "Discount Double Check" because of what Company's commercial?
John Mulaney
Spider-Ham is voiced by what Actor in "Spider-Man into the Spiderverse"
Grown Ups 2
Shaquille O'Neil appears in which Adam Sandler Movie?
D. J. Khaled
"DJ Khaled"
Henry VIII
Who was Hillary Clinton to rap against in a deleted episode?
What game show has Aaron Rodgers both participated in and hosted?
December 17th
Spider-Man No Way Home comes out when?
Hubie Halloween (Oct. 2020)
What was Adam Sandler's most recent work?
Val Killmer - Doc Holliday (Tombstone)
"I'm Your Huckleberry"


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