Who won the Election of 1824? How? What was unusual about this election?
John Quincy Adams won the election. He was elected by the House of Representatives because none of the people running for president had a majority of the votes. Therefore, the House of Representatives got to choose who would become the next president. Henry Clay made a deal with John Quincy Adams so that Henry Clay would make sure that JQA got the House of Representatives vote IF Henry Clay would become Secretary of State.
What does nullification mean?
Cancel or make ineffective.
What was the nullification act?
Where South Carolina said that they would not pay "illegal" tariffs and if they were forced to, they would secede or break away from America.
Who was Sequoya?
Created alphabet/written language forCherokee.
What are 2 reasons why people were anxious to migrate to the Oregon Territory?
1) worried about Indians/wild animals
2) had to coss rivers (would the animals make it?)
What is a corrupt bargain?
When Henry Clay makes the deal with JQA. Henry Clay makes sure that JQA will get the house vote if Clay could be Secretary of state. This makes Andrew Jackson mad so he calls it the corrupt bargain.
What does secede mean?
To withdraw or breakaway.
What was the Indian Removal Act?
Gave federal government power to pay natives to move west into Indian Territory created to be the new home of the natives.
What were some political differences between the Whigs and Democrats?
Whig: Supported National Unity and National Back
Democrat: No National Bank and supported States Rights

Remember: whigs=national
Battle of Alamo- (where, what, who, results, significance)
Where: San Antonio, Texas
What: The Alamo was an old Spanish mission converted into a fort
Who: 1,800 Mexicans led by Santa Anna. 189 Texans led by William Travis and James Bowie
Result: Mexican Army invades the Alamo and kills a lot of the Texans.
Significance: 1) Texan bravery inspired texas to continue fighting to win their independence. 2) Slowed the Mexican Army
What is suffrage?
The right for non-property owners to vote.
The tariff of 1828- Why is it called the Tariff of Abominations? Who called it that?
The south called it the Tariff of Abominations because they did not like it.
What was the Indian Territory?
Modern-day Oaklahoma. This was where the natives went during the Indian Removal Act.
What was Manifest Destiny?
Thought it was God's plan for the U.S. to move west/expand borders to the Pacific.
What was the Battle of San Jacinto?
April 1836. Texan Victory.
What is the spoils system?
Replacing government employees with the winning candidate's supporters.
What are states' rights?
Rights and powers held by individual states rather than by the national government.
What was Worcester vs Georgia?
Rules that Georgia has no right to regulate the natives.
It says that only the national government can deal with the natives.
What was the Oregon Trail?
Went from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon. A 2,200-mile journey that took 5-6 months.
Who was Stephen F. Austin?
Organized first "American' colony in Mexican Texas, pushed for Texan independence.
Jacksonian Democracy (explain what it means and identify 2 ways Andrew Jackson included more people in our countries democracy)
What it means: to have greater rights for the common man.
1) by allowing more people to participate in the government
2) allowing non-property owners to vote
What was the Webster-Hayne debate?
They were arguing over states having the right to nullify acts of the federal government.
What was the Trail of Tears?
The forced relocation of Cherokee to go to Indian Territory. About 15,000 made the journey under horrible conditions. Around 4,000 died on the 1,000-mile journey.
What is an emigrant?
A person who leaves their country to live somewhere else.
Who was Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna?
General, President, led Mexican forces against the Alamo.

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