Campaigns Ladder of Adoption BOTOX/JUVEDERM Product Knowledge
Driving Your Personal Best Campaign
Name the BOTOX campaign that we are implementing from February - April?
Which user has little or no experience about BOTOX or JUVEDERM?
Xeomin by Merz
Which BOTOX competitor claims that they are the pure toxin?
Dr. Peter Peng, Taiwan
Which dermatologist is featured in SMP's current BOTOX campaign?
Identlfy which user is based on this belief:

HCP believes that individualized treatment can continue to deliver higher levels of patient satisfaction.
Glabella-Subnasale-Pogonion Angle
What does the G-SN-POG angle mean?
1. Improving Cheek Volume for a lifting effect
2. Reducing prominence of NLFs
3. Refreshing Appearance
When discussing "Craft the Midface" with your HCPs, what 3 patient goals will these achieve?
Demonstrate the value and differentiation of BOTOX® and Allergan Aesthetics
•BOTOX® achieves sustained benefits & duration, and delivers high patient satisfaction
•YPOP: You and your patients are at the centre of everything we do, we are dedicated to providing support for your business
Give 1 Key Message that will you share with a BOTOX Occasional User?
De Boulle et al. 2018
Fill in the blanks: In the study by__________ simultaneous dosing with 64 Units of BOTOX® shows sustained improvements in FHL severity vs placebo for up 180 days.
Predictable Safety
Patient Preferred
What are the 3 Key messages of our new BOTOX campaign?
GROUP A: Occasional users who CONSIDER ALL TOXINS or Fillers are THE SAME

GROUP B: Occasional users who PREFER ANOTHER TOXIN or Filler BRAND
What are the 2 types of Occasional Users and give examples of their behaviors?

Craft the Midface with Juvederm VOLUMA, to add structure to the midface and achieve a lifted look.

Juvederm Voluma restores the volume to the cheeks for up to 24 months.

Juvederm Voluma provides long-lasting patient satisfaction for up to 24months.
If your HCP points out midface concerns of patients, how will you use the Craft the Midface Key Messaging?
THEM: Unique Look (Patients)
US: Designed Collection (Juvederm)
YOU: Expert Skill (HCPs)
In Juvederm's Craft the Extraordinary campaign, what do the 3 swirls of the Juvederm logo mean when discussing with our HCPs?
Our goals
1. Prompt them to reconsider JUVEDERM/BOTOX®
2. Cement JUVEDERM/BOTOX® within their ‘go-to’ set of treatments

If you are currently targeting a non-user for BOTOX and JUVEDERM, what should be your goals (give at least 1)
Primary non-response means that a patient never responds to botulinum toxin treatments.Secondary non-response is when a patient responds initially and later develops treatment failure over time, such as when the treatment cycles become progressively shorter, or the doses required become progressively higher.
How do you distinguish between a primary non-response and secondary non-response in Botulinum toxin treatments?

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