About Allah Pillars of Iman / The messengers The Angels and The Books
Allah is One, we worship Him alone, He’s the creator of all things.
Allah loves us and made us and gave us blessings.
Who is Allah? Why do we love him?
Faith. Believing and having trust in something.
What is Iman?

Light. They are not human, they dont eat or sleep nor get tired.
What are angels made out of? what are they like?
How many names does Allah have?

Nuh, Ibraheem, Ismael, Isa, Musa etc
Name some of Allah's prophets and messenger.

They send down Allah's message to the prophets and obey Allahs commands.
What is the purpose of angels?
He gave us our hands, our legs, our eyes, ears etc, we can see, hear, touch, smell, taste.
We have food so we’re not hungry, clothes so we are warm, house so we live safely.
He gives us health. Makes us feel better after being sick.
What blessings has Allah given us? What has Allah created?

Prophet Adam and Muhammed
Who were the first and last prophets.
Angel Jibreel

Who is the angel responsible for revealing the quran to the prophets?
We have to worship Him. We do things that make Him happy. Ex: pray, listen to our parents, we be good to others etc.
What can we do to show Allah we love him?

Allah sw does not talk to us directly.
He tells us what to do and what not to do through his prophets and messengers.
The person that Allah chooses to receive His message is called a messenger.
Allah sends his message to the messenger thru angel jibreel.
Then these messengers send Allahs message to the people .
Prophets and messengers sent to different areas to guide them to Islam.
What did the messengers of Allah do? Why did Allah send them?
Five books. The Quran.

How many books did Allah send down to mankind? Which one do we read now?
Al Samee3
Al Khaliq
Al Baseer
Al Rahman
Al Raheem
What are some of Allahs names?

Belief in Allah
Belief in his messengers
Belief in his angels
Belief in his books
Belief in the day of judgement
Belief in the Qadar
Name all 6 pillars of Iman
To guide us. Help us know whats right from wrong.

Why did Allah send these books down for the people to read?

Islamic Studies

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