Chemical Mediators Chemical Mediators #2 Clotting Cascade Tissue Repair
What is Leukotrines
Responsible for chemotaxis, permeability of the blood vessel walls, and bronchospasm. Also are the cause of inflammation of asthma and some allergies.
What is bradykinin
Its effects are similar to those of histamine and is one of the mediators of inflammation that induce pain.
What is Thrombin
One of the mediators that works to activate the coagulation cascade.
What is Histamine
It is released from platelets and mast cells. It also helps to increase the permeability of the blood vessels during the inflammation process.
What is Fibrin
This forms a loose mesh which aids in blood clotting.
What is phospholipase
Mediator involved in generating arachidonic acid from cell membrane phospholipids.
What is Serotonin
It helps decrease blood flow.
What is prostaglandins
Responsible for the smooth muscle relaxation, acts as a vasodilator and can also induce fever.
What is Thromboxane A2
Which Mediator produces by activated platelets and has prothrombotic properties: it stimulates activation of new platelets as well as increases platelet aggregation?
What is ADP
This mediator will help attract more platelets.

Inflammation Process

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