Hand Hygiene Precautions Cleaning and Disinfection Exposure Prevention Random!! :)
At least 15 seconds
How long do you wash your hands for?
Standard Precautions
This type of precaution is used for all patients, in all settings, all the time
1 minute.
What is the wet contact time for Oxivir Tb wipes?
FIT-TESTED N-95 respirator
What PPE must I wear when taking care of a patient with Tuberculosis disease
Due to potential contamination of food and beverages. The Occupational
Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) require that hospitals provide “clean” areas away from patient care areas where we may eat and drink
Why is eating and drinking prohibited in patient care areas.
Clostridioides difficile (c diff); norovirus;
Give an example of an organism that cannot be killed by alcohol-based hand sanitizers?
Transmission-based precautions
What is the second tier of basic infection control to be used in addition to standard precautions?
1 minute for most organisms, 4 minutes for C diff
What is the wet contact time for Sani-Cloth bleach (Orange top)
Outside the patient's room.
WHen caring for a patient with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, where do I doff (remove) my N95 and eye protection
Rinse the site (if needed)
Report to your supervisor
What are the initial steps to take a bloodborne pathogen exposure?
* when hands are visibly dirty,
* before eating,
* after using the restroom, and
* after caring for people with infectious diarrhea.
When is handwashing (soap and water) recommended over alcohol-based hand sanitizers?
Airborne precautions
What type of precautions should be used for a patient suspected or confirmed TB disease?
False. It's a cleaning product.
True or False. Isopropyl alcohol is an approved disinfectant
Regulated medical waste, biohazardous waste have to be handled separately.
Why are there different waste receptacles garbage cans available?
Call Pest Control for guidance.
A patient presents to the clinic and bedbugs are spotted on the patient. What should I do next?
An alcohol-based hand sanitizer is the preferred method for cleaning your hands when they are not visibly dirty because it:

Is more effective at killing potentially deadly germs on hands than soap

Is easier to use during the course of care, especially
when moving from soiled to clean activities with the same patient or resident

when moving between patients or residents in shared rooms or common areas

Improves skin condition with less irritation and dryness than soap and water
What is the preferred method for hand hygiene in healthcare settings, soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer
Disinfecting wipes and hand washing.
what is the difference between Contact Isolation and Contact Plus Isolation?
STDs, MDROs, etc.
Give an example of an infectious disease that needs to be reported to public health.
Vaccination, safe injection handling
How do I protect myself from Hepatitis B
Quarantine: Exposure without illness

Isolation: Patient is infected with the illness that required transmission-based precautions.
What is the difference between quarantine and isolation?
Glove use
What is NOT a substitute for hand hygiene
Droplet precautions
What type of precautions should be used for a patient suspected or confirmed influenza (flu)?
Clorox Healthcare Bleach Germicidal ONLY.
What is the designated disinfectant wipe for cleaning and disinfecting glucomters?
False. Check the monitors for a green light indicator.
True or false: Before entering a negative air flow (mask isolation) room
there is no need to check the airflow monitor outside of the door
No. When the product is designed for multi-dose/multi-patient use, preparation should occur in a clean, uncluttered and functionally separate area to avoid contamination. If medication was NOT prepared in a clean, uncluttered functionally separate area it should be discarded after use.
A patient is brought to the room and the nurse accesses a multi-dose vial to administer a dose of medication to the patient receiving care and places it on the counter. Can the multi-dose vial be used for the next patient?

Infection Control

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