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How long do you wash your hands for?
At least 15 seconds
What is a bloodbourne pathogen. - HBV, HCV, HIV
A bloodbourne disease that can be spread by contamination by blood.
What is Airborne Precautions?
Microorganisms are transmitted by small particles that can remain in the air and can float by air, dust, or moisture.
What is a dehydration?
When a person has too much loss of water from the body, they are said to be in this state?
What is OSHA? - Occupational Safety & Health Administration.
This is a government group that sets standards and guidelines to avoid contracting infectious disease
Give an example of an organism that cannot be killed by alcohol-based hand sanitizers?
Clostridioides difficile (c diff); norovirus;
What is inhalation, ingestion, eye or skin contact, puncture or needle sticks. - What do you do immediately
Name two routes of exposure for bloodbourne pathogens. (Four possible answers)
What is contact precaution?
This precaution requires the nursing assistant to don a gown and gloves before entering a resident's room.
What is infection? - All residents decreased immune system
The elderly are at an increased risk for this, especially when in a healthcare institution?
What is gloves - always remove and completed hand hygiene
What should we never wear in the hallway - unable to tell if clean or dirty?
When is handwashing (soap and water) recommended over alcohol-based hand sanitizers?
* when hands are visibly dirty,
* before eating,
* after using the restroom, and
* after caring for people with infectious diarrhea.
What is follow universal precautions, frequent hand washing, PPE (personal protective equipment).
Name three ways to protect yourself from bloodbourne pathogens.
What is Droplet Precaution? - Flu season upon us. Flu shots available during all the annual in-services
A resident is diagnosed with the flu, s/he is placed on this transmission-based precaution.
What is night sweats, coughing up blood, weight loss, fever, chest pain. - Upon admission residents and staff received 2-step mantoux
What are two symptoms of TB?
What is "CDC", Centers for Disease Control & Prevention?
This is a government group that sets standards and guidelines to avoid contracting infectious disease?
What is the preferred method for hand hygiene in healthcare settings, soap and water or alchol-based hand sanitizer
An alcohol-based hand sanitizer is the preferred method for cleaning your hands when they are not visibly dirty because it:

Is more effective at killing potentially deadly germs on hands than soap

Is easier to use during the course of care, especially
when moving from soiled to clean activities with the same patient or resident

when moving between patients or residents in shared rooms or common areas

Improves skin condition with less irritation and dryness than soap and water
What is gloves, masks, gowns, & goggles/shields.
Name four types of personal protective equipment.
What is the isolation cart? This is new
When a fire alarm rings - what needs to be moved to an alcove or the clean utility?
What is a catheter (urinary)? Always keep below the level of the bladder, no kinking, complete daily catheter cares.
An elderly person having problem with urinary elimination is at an even greater risk of infection when this tubing is used?
When using Sani-Cloth bleach wipes (Orange top), what is the contact wet time for cleaning equipment contaminated with cdiff?
The nursing assistant is doing oral care on her resident. S/he is wearing this personal protective equipment (PPE)?
What is NOT a substitute for hand hygiene
Glove use
What is all blood and body fluids are treated as if they were infected with a disease. Used with EVERY RESIDENT, EVERY TIME!
Define Standard Precautions.
What is the contact wet time for Oxivir Tb?
1 minute.
What is a pressure ulcer? Prevent the start of a pressure ulcer - if develop prevent any infection from developing.
Limited mobility and thinning of the skin, causes this problem related to the intactness of the skin. Hint: It is the reason why a nurse may change a resident's position at least every 2 hours.
What is the difference between quarantine and isolation?
Quarantine: Exposure without illness

Isolation: Patient is infected with the illness that required transmission-based precautions.

Infection Control

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