Pension Simplification


ERISA TRA 1986 REA 1984 EGTRRA 2001 UCA 1992
What is the employee
This is who ERISA protects
What is 59 1/2
Early withdrawal penalties apply to individuals under this age
What is Spouse
REA protects this individual
What is Portability
EGTRRA increased this among plans
What is Eligible Rollover Distribution
This is the spelled out form of ERD
What is Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
This retirement plan type was created by ERISA
What is 72
Required minimum distribution begins at this age
What is ERISA
REA is an amendment to this law
What is Catch-up Contributions
EGTRRA introduced these contributions for individuals age 50 and over
What is Non-Eligible Rollover Distribution
This is the spelled out form of NERD
What is Summary Plan Description (SPD)
This is the most important document required to be provided to employees
What is FADDS
These are distributable events on 403(b) and 401(k) plans
What is Witnessed by a Notary or Plan Administrator
Transactions requires spousal consent with this requirement
What is $19,500 and $26,000
This is the 2020 contribution limits for 401(k) olans
What is Mandatory
The 20% FIT on ERDs is mandatory or optional
What is Minimum Vesting
ERISA directs plans to comply with participation requirements and....
What is Unrestricted Funds
These funds must be withdrawn prior to withdrawal of restricted funds
What is Beneficiary Rights
The spouse is required to have these rights under REA
What is Pennsylvania
This state does not conform to EGTRRA
What is ROTH IRA
RMD does not apply to the original owner of this plan type
What is 12/31/1988
Contributions made after this date are restricted
What is 12/31/1988
Contributions made after this date are labeled as restricted funds
What is Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)
This court order for the division of assets was added by REA
What is June 7, 2001
EGTRRA became a law on this date
What is Excluded
IRAs, NQDAs and Non-ERDs are __________ from the mandatory 20% FIT withholding
What is Small Business Jobs Act of 1996
This law created salary reduction agreements, maximum contribution limits, death benefits, along with Simple 401(k) and Simple IRAs

Industry Regulations

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