Hiring Meetings
When a candidate comes "highly recommended" from a trusted source, you ask the same questions to that candidate as you would to other qualified contenders and follow the set recruitment process. What barrier is at play here ?

A)Afinity Effect
B)Halo Effect
C)Horn Effect
D)No Barrier
D) No Barrier
"A project pitch was successful mainly because of some suggestions Mahima gave, at the last minute. In the meeting held to celebrate the victory, a colleague commented to her “Wow! you were lucky that this idea struck you at the right time!” What barrier is at play here ?

A)Maternal Effect
B)Likeability Effect
C)Attribution Effect
D)Affinity Effect "
C) Attribution Effect
Giving a job to the candidate you most “clicked” with, perhaps because of a shared interest or they studied at the same university isn’t a barrier, particularly if they’re a different gender or ethnicity to you.


‘Affinity (‘like me’) effect’ is the factor at play when a juicy role goes to the graduate of a same college or with whom you have an avid interest in a shared hobby. ‘Hiring in your own image’ can have a long-lasting effect: in the long-term it can mean that you’re likely to build a stronger relationship with that particular individual, which can ultimately lead to that person receiving more stretch assignments, better support of their abilities or increased visibility across the organisation"
"A recently hired colleague of another department shows up to a meeting all suited-up and well groomed. He makes a few points during the meeting which are mere repetitions of points made by others. However your boss seems to be super impressed with him.
Do you see any barrier at play here ?

A) Yes
B) No

"A) Yes

This is Halo Effect.
'Conventionally-attractive' people tend to be perceived as being competent and successful."
On an interview panel you are the only one who thinks a particular candidate did well. You should:
A. Express your opinion even though the rest of the panel thinks otherwise
B. Stay silent since anyway the majority opinion will be considered

Conformity effect lets our fear of being thought poorly of by our peers or being ridiculed and allows to be swayed by others."
"Seema’s team has to meet a tight deadline. She tells her team in a meeting that they will have to work late for a couple of weeks to meet this. After she leaves the room, a team member complains loudly saying, “She is extremely bossy and unreasonable”.

Is there a barrier at play here? Yes/No"

Likeability bias, when women demand high performance they are often unliked by team members compared to the same behaviors demonstrated by their male colleagues"
"Your colleague advocates for a job candidate with no gap in her résumé over another with a gap from when she was a full-time mom.

A)Push for the candidates to be evaluated on their skills and experience
B)Recommend that your team use standardized hiring criteria and apply them consistently to all candidates
C)It's better to have the candidate with no gap since she looks more committed to her career over family."
"A) & B)
When a woman becomes a mother, it can make others think that she’s less committed to her career—even less competent. As a result, she is often held to higher standards and offered fewer opportunities"
"Rita, the product head of your department was mistaken as a junior colleague by a client in a critical meeting.

A) Since it's a critical meeting, you ignore the mistake
B) You correct the client immediately and introduce Rita as the product head
C) You wait for the meeting to end and then correct the client"
"B) You correct the client immediately and introduce Rita as the product head

Women report that they are regularly underestimated by colleagues and clients. It is important to act than be a bystander to such situations "


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