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What is Play-Doh?

The original colors were red, yellow, and blue. The colors have been expanded, & it's still non-toxic.
This best-selling toy from the 1950s began life as a wallpaper cleaner until a teacher decided to have her students use it as clay for sculpting.
What is daylight saving time?

We turn our clocks ahead one hour. An effortless way to remember which way to turn the clocks is "spring forward, fall back."
On March 10, Canada and the U.S. switch to this time.
What is lightning?

Tell that to the Empire State Building, which gets struck around 25 times a year.
This never strikes twice.
What is love?

It's mating season in the animal kingdom. For all of us, it signals rebirth and fresh hopes.
This is in the air.
What is the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade?

It was first held in 1762, fourteen years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
The oldest and largest St. Patrick's Day Parade in the world.
What are paint-by-number kits?

A commercial artist conceived the idea when he was asked to find a way to sell more paint.
These paint kits are still popular with young and mature alike.
What is cherry blossom?

The original 2,000 cherry blossom trees Japan gifted the U.S. were destroyed by pests and disease, but they gave a second gift of 3,000 trees, which you can see in Washington, D.C. Look but don't pick the blossoms, because it's illegal to do so.
In the U.S., this Japanese national flower begins to bloom in March.
What is a rainbow?

The chance of catching a literal rainbow on any given day approaches zero.
To go after a seemingly impossible dream is to chase one of these.
What is sprung?

Sprung means "to quickly jump." We don't meander into spring; we jump into it wholeheartedly.
Spring has done this.
What are snakes?

This is likely a metaphorical tale rather than a historical fact. The story is believed to represent St. Patrick's efforts to rid Ireland of pagan practices and beliefs, which he viewed as the "snakes" of the country.
According to Irish lore, St. Patrick drove this animal out of Ireland.
What is G.I. Joe?

The figure is ready for action with its movable joints.
When you were growing up, boys played with this military figure.
What is March 1?

That's also around the time spring fever hits, and we're more than ready to leave winter behind.
Meteorological spring starts on this day.
What is the weather?

This phrase's origins may be traced to sailors who felt seasick. They were sent below deck, out of the way of-or under-the weather.
When feeling sick, we might say we're under this.
What is sun?

Winter is usually extremely gloomy in England, but in 2019, the sun popped out in February, and temperatures soared. They called it "fool's spring."
One of the Beatles early hits is "Here Comes the ____."
What is by making and mending shoes?

They were portrayed as shoe cobblers for other fairies. Legends say that leprechauns kept their gold hidden, and if a human were to catch them, the human could force him to reveal where he hides his pot of gold.
How leprechauns earn their gold.
What are (jigsaw) puzzles?

These puzzles date to 1860 in England and the U.S. They come with fewer pieces for young children, and they're addictive once you start one.
These pictures come in hundreds of irregular pieces and occupy a good portion of the dining room table.
What is worm moon?

Many believe the name comes from earthworms that begin to appear in March. Another explanation is beetle larvae begin to emerge.
This is the name for the full moon in March.

Hint: named after a creature that lives in the earth
What is dry?

A dry spell might be caused by a drought of ideas.
When people go through an unsuccessful period, they go through this kind of spell.
What is the sun?

The sun sets on this half-man, half-lion's shoulders twice a year during the spring and fall equinox.
The Egyptians built the Great Sphinx so that it points directly toward this on the first day of spring.
What is corned beef and cabbage?

The is dish originated in Ireland as bacon and cabbage. Irish immigrants in America substituted bacon for corned beef in the 19th century.
The traditional main dish served at many St. Patrick's Day celebrations in America.
What is jacks?

This used to be a popular sidewalk game.
This popular children's game involves balls and metal pieces.
What is the Arctic Circle?

The polar night lasts approximately one month, when there is no sign of the sun.
On the first day of spring, the first glimpse of the sun since the polar night happens here.
What is thunder?

The phrase "a face like thunder" is thought to date to the late 18th century.
When people are extremely angry, they can have a face like this.
What is vernal?

The spring equinox is also called the vernal equinox.
This is the Latin word for "spring."
What is an Irish potato cake?

It's commonly served with smoked salmon, sour cream, sausages, fried eggs, bacon, lamb chops, and even the notorious Irish beef stew. It's regularly eaten at breakfast.
What a boxty is.

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