Rosh chodesh Tammuz Tammuz The Nine Days
What is the 9th of AV
When was the Second Holy Temple destroyed/
What is An idol was placed in the Holy Temple.
What was placed in the Holy Temple?
What is we are mourning destruction of the two Holy Temples
Why are we mourning?
What is Moses broke the tablets
What did Moses do when he saw the Jewish people had made a golden calf?
What is dawn to nightfall
When does the fast start and end?
What is (a) If you will miss a major sale, or if the garment will be unavailable later. (b) For the purpose of a mitzvah, such as purchasing new clothing for a bride and groom.
When is it permissible to Buy, sew, weave or knit new clothing—even if they will be worn only after the Nine Days.?
Who are the Romans
In 69 CE, The walls of Jerusalem were breached by who?
What is Selichot and the long Avinu Malkenu
What prayers are recited in the morning prayers?
What is The exceptions to this rule are meat and wine enjoyed as part of a meal that celebrates a mitzvah, such as a circumcision, bar mitzvah, or the completion of a tractate of the Talmud.
When is it permissible to partake in wine or meat during the Nine days?
What is Shivah Asar B’Tammuz
The fast of the 17th of the Hebrew month of Tammuz,is also known as
What is we refrain from eating meat or drinking wine, wearing freshly laundered clothes, avoiding haircuts, purchasing new clothing, holding or attending weddings, and enjoying music.

What laws do we follow during the Nine Days?
What is Divrei Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah 1:1–2:3)
Shim’u Devar Hashem (Jeremiah 2:4–28 followed by 4:1–2 or 3:4)
Chazon Yeshayahu (Isaiah 1:1–27)
What are the Haftorahs read during the 3 weeks?
The Sephardic custom is to observe the stringencies regarding bathing only in the week of Tisha B’Av.
What is the difference between Ashkenaz custom and Sephardic regarding bathing?
What is Ketev Meriri
The Midrash describes a malevolent force that occurs during this time and is especially active during this three-week period.?
What is the Shabbat’s reading from the Prophets begins with the words Chazon Yeshayahu, the “vision of Isaiah” regarding the destruction of the Holy Temple.
What is read on the Shabbat Chazon. Shabbat preceding the Ninth of Av


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