Achievements Persian Wars More Vocabulary Alexander the Great Sparta and Athens
What is the Parthenon?
Greece's most famous building
Who are the Medes?
The Persians defeated this group to win their independence
What is a polis?
The Greek word for a small city-state
What is Egypt?
Conquered by Alexander without a fight
What is strong and healthy?
Physically speaking, Spartan women were
What is a tie?
Juries in Greece had an odd number of participants to avoid
What are strong and well organized?
Best descriptions of the Persian army
What is the agora?
Place in a Greek city-state where political meetings, religious gatherings and they bought and sold goods
What is divided into three kingdom's?
After his death, Alexander's empire was
What are farmers?
Most of the boys from poor families in Athens became
What is Greek Mythology?
The Greeks Strongly influenced our language. Many English words and expression come from
Who is Darius?
This Persian leader wanted to fill his capital city with gold and beautiful artwork to reflect the glory of his empire
What is the Dark Age?
The period of warfare and disorder in Greece
What is military commander?
After learning about Alexander's conquests we can infer that enjoyed being a
What is Athens?
The Peloponnessian War began because this city-state became too powerful
What are Greek Philosophers?
The first people to try to explain events rather than just believing that they were the work of the gods were
What are Salamis and Plataea?
Two battles that showed Greece's power and cleverness in defeating Xerxes
What is an oligarchy?
A government in which only a few people have power
What is grown even larger?
If Alexander had not died at such an early age his empire would most likely have
What is the Peloponnesian War?
Sparta became the most powerful city-state as a result of
What is Western Civilization?
Greek achievements are considered to be important because they strongly shaped
Who are Darius and Xerxes?
These two Persian leaders attempted to conquer Greece
What is Greek mythology?
Stories that explained why natural or historical events happened to the Greeks
What is the Indus River?
Alexander's troops were exhausted and refused to fight anymore when crossed this river
What is the slaves may have rebelled?
If Sparta's army had become weak

Greece Double Jeopardy Round

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