Have 2-way conversations! Choose our own friends! Deal with teasing and bullying! Handle arguments! FUN
Thanks for sharing! Great work!
Give an example of a conversation you have started or joined in yesterday?

accepts me, respects me, treats me kindly
show interests in me, listens to me
shares things with me
invites me to things
helps me
don’t criticize me or police me
What are some good qualities you want your friends to have?
Act like what they said didn’t bother you.
Give a short verbal comeback
Use your assertive voice
Remove yourself after giving teasing combacks
Don’t use teasing comebacks with physically aggressive people
What is a helpful way to respond to a teaser?

Is it normal to have arguments or disagreements with our friends or families?
What has been your favorite memory from meeting as a group?
Casually look over
Find a common interest
Mention this common interest
Trade Information
Assess the other person’s interest
Introduce yourself if needed
How to start a conversation?
Families, friends, classmates
People you sit with during lunch
Scouts, sports team
What is a social circle?
What is something you can say to a teaser? In what tone?

When they are frequent and explosive!
When do these arguments or disagreements start to hurt our relationships with others?
That is a great idea!
What was your favorite activity or practice we did this semester?

Listen to the conversation
Watch from a distance
Identify the topic
Find a common interest
Move closer
Wait for a pause
Mention the topic
Assess others’ interest
Introduce yourself if needed
What do we need to pay attention when joining a group conversation?

We need to choose friends that make us feel happy, important, and safe
We are not going to like everyone we meet
So, it is ok if not every person likes us
It is ok that we can’t be friends with everyone
Why do you think that it is a choice we make when it comes to who can be our friends?
I don’t like that. Please stop.
Give me an example of using your assertive voice when being teased or bullied.
Great work!
What is an example of explosive argument?
What is one skill you learned in the group that you have used this year?

Wait for a brief pause
Give the reason why you need to leave
Say that you had fun, and will see them later
Say goodbye
Walk away
How do we leave a conversation?
Ask the other person about him or herself
Answer your own question
Find common interests
What are tips you have for trading information with a new friend?
Tell an adult immediately
What to do when you don't feel safe in schools?
What are 1 thing you can do to resolve arguments?
What are some skills you want to practice more?

responding when you talk to them
look at you
facing you
focusing on the conversation you are having
seem excited and happy when talking (smile)
How do you know if a person is interested in talking to you?
Teasing is risky behavior if you’re trying to make and keep friends
Even if you think you are being funny, it may upset other people or hurt their feelings
This is especially true when you are first getting to know someone
Why isn’t teasing a helpful in friendships?
Avoid the bully
Lay low when the bully is around
Don’t police the bully
Hang out with other people
Stay near an adult when the bully is around
Get help from adults when in danger
What are 2 things you can do when being bullied?

Keep your cool (stay calm, don’t get upset)
Listen to the other person
Repeat what they said (shows them you are listening, care, heard, empathy)
Explain your side (feelings, thoughts)
Say you are sorry
Try to solve the problem
What are 2 things you can do to resolve arguments?
Good job!
What is the thing you're most looking forward to after learning all the skills from this group?

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