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Who is Frank Sinatra
I was well known for singing "I only have eyes for you" and "The lady is a tramp"
What is Baby Boomers
John Lennon was assassinated during this generation
What is Millennial Generation
A member of this generation created Facebook
What is Generation X
This is the number one generation to be considered "Tech savvy"
Who is The Three Stooges
In the 1950's what was the TV show with characters named, Larry, Curly, and Moe
Who is Duran Duran
My name is repeated twice. You may recognize my songs, such as "The reflex" or "The Wild Boys"
What is Generation X
This generation had the very first Cellular phone
What is Generation X
This generation invented Twitter
What is Baby Boomers
Margaret Sanger was a lifelong advocate of women's rights that introduced the public to the first form of birth control in this generation
What is Wayne's World
In the year 1992, Michael Myers and Dana Carvey stared in this TV show
Who is Usher
I competed on Star Search when I was 13 and sold over 10 million copies in 2004 with my number #1 song, "Confessions"
What is Millennial Generation
This generation faced the Anthrax scare, the tragedy of the Columbia Space Shuttle and the Persian Gulf War
What is Traditional Generation
A member of this generation sent a man to the moon
Who is Sandy Cheeks
What is the first and last name of Sponge Bob's thrill-seeking squirrel pal?
What is Gladiator
On May 5, 2000, this film won multiple awards including Best Picture and Best Actor in the73rd Academy Awards. This film centered around ancient Greek and Roman culture
Who is Johnny Cash
One of my well known songs was titled "I walk the line"
What is Linkster Generation
This generation was to show promise of the AIDS vaccine
What is Baby Boomers
This generation created Microsoft
Who is Michael Jackson
As Elvis Presley is known to be King of Rock, I am known to be King of Pop
What is Merrie Melodies
Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner are duo characters from Looney Tunes and _________ with their first appearance on September 17, 1949
Who is the Eagles
Don Felder, Don Henley and Glen Frey are all a part of what Band, with a famous song sang about never checking out of a hotel
What is Generation X
The Pan Am Flight 103 crashed during this generation
What is Linkster Generation
A member of this generation developed Summly, the news app purchased by Yahoo
Who is the Boston Celtics
Gary Payton (USA), playing for the what team, scored his 20,000th career point against the Portland Trailblazers in NBA history
Who is Ed Rooney
In the movie, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," what was the name of Ferris' principal

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