Organization Elaboration Mistakes Evidence Wild Card
What is a thesis statement.
What sets up the organization of an essay?
Elaboration sentences.
The sentences that further explain an idea or evidence are called?
Yes: In the United States, there are millions of workers. They go on strike for a lot of reasons. They hold up the whole process at work making them short of money.
Are there any mistakes:
In the united states, there a million of workers. They go on strike for lotsa reasons. They hold up the whole process at work/ job making them short of money.
Relevant evidence fully supports the claim being made. It is not loosely tied or not at all connected to the main point.
What does it mean if evidence is relevant?
Yes: Social media helps High School Students grades.
No: Social media does not help High School Students grades.
Deconstruct the writing prompt: Does Social media help High School students grades?
What is a Counterclaim?
This separates an argumentative essay from an informative essay.
Quotation marks
What is missing in the following paragraph:
Secondly, unsafe working conditions can lead to serious problems if job companies don’t fix it. In the text, What is a Strike, it says, unsafe working conditions. For example in New York School Bus Strike… it says, pitting the unions concerns over job security and bus safety against the needs of the workers.
Students enjoy playing after school instead of completing their homework, which can upset their parents.
Make this an objective statement: “Kids like to play after school, instead of just doing their homework which can make your mom mad at you.”
No, because it gives a reason why students should attend school every day. It doesn’t discuss a student’s right to chose.

Evidence: Students need to attend school every day because “students show more growth” when they don’t have to fill in the gaps of information that is missed when they are absent.
Is the evidence provided relevant to the claim?
Claim: Students should be able to decide if they attend school every day.
All/ only the information that is relevant to answer the writing prompt.
When reading the text, how many pieces of evidence should you track?
Cause and Effect
Compare and Contrast
Name two ways an essay can be structured organized.
No punctuation and no capital letters
What is wrong with this paragraph?:
“to begin, public sectors going on strike is very rare things wouldn’t be the same In the article “why is it rare for public sector workers to go on strike” it says “even if parents support teachers they are unlikely to by sympathetic when they walk off the job and leave kids and parents in a difficult situation” this means that teachers and all public service workers know that striking may cause a loss of support from the public this depicts one reason why public service workers should not have the right to strike
Drivers must follow the rules in order to be safe and not cause a serious accident.
Make this an objective statement: When guys don’t know how to drive and follow the rules they can really screw up! You just can’t go all Nascar on the freeway, you could really cause a serious accident.
How many pieces of evidence must be included from each source in your essay?
After pulling all the evidence from the sources. Looking for repeating words and phrases that answer the writing prompt.
How do you find the reasons for a Thesis Statement?
No, it is unclear what the writer is trying to prove.
Does this paragraph have a strong main idea statement?:
“Another reason why they shouldn’t have the right to vote is because they don’t understand. Voters need to be informed. A teacher should teach them the issues and police should enforce election rules.
What type of essay is this going to be based on the writing prompt?

Write an essay that traces the development of the dust bowl and the effect on the people who lived there. Your essay must be based on ideas and information that can be found in the passage set.
(1) Attention Grabber. (2) Connecting Sentence/ Counterclaim. (3) Thesis Statement
Put in the correct order: (1)Thesis Statement. (2) Connecting Sentence/ Counterclaim. (3) Attention Grabber.
Evidence A: “In 1999, large box-like televisions were discarded at a higher rate than the previous year because new products became available.”
Which is the strongest piece of evidence?
Evidence A: “In 1999, large box-like televisions were discarded at a higher rate than the previous year because new products became available.”
Evidence B: After the release of the Iphone6, most of the products sold out before they even arrived at retailers.
Reworded Thesis Statement. (3-5 sentences that summarizes your main points. Closing sentence.
What needs to be present in a conclusion paragraph?
Transition Words
Words that help the reader move from one idea to the next in an essay are called?
Track the evidence on your planning sheet.
After finding a piece of evidence in one of your sources, What should you do with it?
The earth's natural resources are limited, which is why we must recycle and reduce our carbon footprint.
Correct the Thesis statement: So do you want to clean up the earth? Well, the text says that we should recycle. And that to reduce our carbon footprint. If the natural resources on earth are limited.
Body 1 Paragraph: (Topic Sentence w/ Reason 1) (3 -5 sentences in your own words that explains Reason 1) (Evidence #1) (2 sentences that further explains Reason 1) (Evidence #2) (Closing sentence)
Put the Paragraph in Order: (1) Evidence #1(2) Closing sentence (3) Evidence #2 (4) 2 sentences that further explains Reason 1(5) 3 -5 sentences in your own words that explains Reason 1 (6) Topic Sentence w/ Reason 1
Editing and revising.
What is the process of checking your essay over for errors before submitting called?

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