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What is abolition?
An end to all slavery is called this.
Who is Abigail Adams?
This woman was married to one of our founding fathers and pushed him to be more inclusive of women when helping to draft the Constitution.
Who are Angelina and Sarah Grimke?
These two sisters were famous for their speaking engagements as well as their many published books. They were born on the planatation where their father owned many slaves.
What is 18?
This is the number of charges against men issued in the Declaration of Sentiments.
What is prison or jail?
Women in the 1800s were very involved in making schools and this institution better for those affected by its harsh conditions.
Who is Benjamin Franklin?
This American was president of the first anti-slavery society, called the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery.
What is the Underground Railroad?
This was a collection or network of people who arranged transportation and hiding places to escaping slaves.
Who is Sojourner Truth?
This fiery female speaker was actually born Isabella Baumfree. Her father was captured in modern day Ghana and spoke Dutch.
What is the 3rd decade or 1830?
This is the decade of the 1800s most associated with advancements make to both slave rights as well as women’s rights.
What are antisuffragists?
Those opposed to equal treatment of women, specifically their right to vote, were called this.
Who is William LLoyd Garrison?
This man was a leader of the abolitionist movement as well as the publisher of an abolitionist newspaper called the Liberator.
What is the Declaration of Sentiments?
This was a list of social injustices toward women that came out of the Seneca Falls Convention.
Who is Harriet Tubman?
This woman was the most famous African American associated with the Underground Railroad.
What is Three Hundred?
According to the textbook, Harriet Tubman may have helped at least how many slaves reach freedom?
Who is Susan B. Anthony?
This woman was the first to politicize women’s right by attempting change laws rather than attitudes toward women.
What is the North Star?
This was the name of the abolitionist paper that Douglass published beginning in 1847.
Who is Lucretia Mott?
This woman was Elizabeth Stanton's BFF and the two of them teamed up to push for women’s rights and helped establish the Seneca Falls Convention.
Who is Elizabeth Cady Stanton?
This woman attended the World’s Anti-Slavery Convention in London, but was forced to attend from behind a curtain because she was a woman.
What is five years old?
This is the age of Sojourner Truth young son that she succuessfully litigated thatreturn of.
What are other women?
Along with men, this other large demographic was culturally opposed to equal rights for women.
What is the Seneca Falls Convention?
This was the first meeting about women’s right held in the United States.
Who is Harriet Jacobs?
One of the first true accounts we have from female slaves came from this author's collection of testimonies called Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.
Who is Lucy Stone?
This woman was a well known spokesperson for the Anti-Slavery Society. She also refused to change her last name after marriage and changed her vows, removing lines that spoke about the subordinate role of women.
What is nineteen?
This is the number of trips the textbook credits Tubman with taking to the south to help free slaves.
What are suffragettes?
This is the nickname given to women’s rights activists, particularly those who championed women’s right to vote.
Who are Matthias and Elijah?
These are the names of the two battling religious leaders associated with Sojourner Truth and the Folgers Family.

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