Roots of Genocide Genocide: Past and Present Cambodian genocide
What is genocide?
The deliberate and systemic destruction of an ethnic, cultural, racial, religious or national group.
What genocide occurred in the United States?
During the “Trail of Tears”, more than 60,000 Native American people died as a result of illness and exhaustion due to the Indian Removal Act of 1830.
Who is the Ung family?
A middle class, educated family that lived in Cambodia in the 1970s.
What is the Holocaust
The state-sponsored, systematic genocide of Jewish people in Europe by Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945.
What genocides have occurred in the past 25 years?
In the early 1990s, there were ongoing, ethnically based massacres of groups of people in former Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and in Rwanda
What are the names of the Ung children?
Meng, Khouy, Keav, Chou, Loung, Kim and Geak
When and Where was the term genocide first used?
The term was first used in 1945, by the International Military Tribunal in the charges against the German Nazi Party.
What is the Khmer Rouge?
It is the name of the Communist party that massacred almost two million people in Cambodia
What was the name of the city in which the Ung family lived?
Phnom Penh
How was the word "genocide" created?
The Greek word for “race or tribe” was put together with the Latin word for “killing”
What genocide is still occurring presently?
Since 2004, the African-Muslim populations in the Darfur section of the Sudan in northern Africa have been decimated.
What did the Ung father do for a living before the Khmer Rouge came to power?
He was a member of the military police.
What event forced the Ung family to leave their home and flee to the village of their relatives
The invasion of the Khmer Rouge in the spring of 1975.

First they killed my father JEOPARDY

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